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  1. I’m on board with this plan. Grandal can’t catch and he can’t run anymore. All he does is walk and hits an occasional home run. Plus he slow as molasses and he clogs up the bases. Release him and eat the money.
  2. The White Sox don’t need this guy. He seems like a clubhouse cancer.
  3. Does this mean that Frank Menechino and Howie Clark are staying on as hitting coaches?
  4. So on the Score they’re saying that this press conference could be more than just announcing the manager. It could be that and something bigger. I hope KW isn’t retiring.
  5. Man today is a good day. it’s been a long time since I’ve felt good about my team. A dark cloud formed above this team the minute they named TLR manager. And they didn’t replace him with someone who has ties to the organization. Now he’s gone and today is a new day and it feels so damn good to have my optimism back. Let’s go White Sox.
  6. Our team still has Tony La Russa listed as manager on the team’s website.
  7. Why would Ron Washington - a former manager who was one strike away from winning a World Series - sign up to be a bench coach for a guy who’s never managed in the major leagues? And why would he do it for an organization that is seemingly light years behind his current organization? Come on now.
  8. Didn’t Danny Parkins promise that the La Russa thing was just a misdirect right up until it was announced?
  9. I REALLY hope this is the case, but too many insiders are saying that Espada is out.
  10. Has anyone heard why the White Sox don’t want Joe Espada? Bernstein and Dave Kaplan have stated that he isn’t up for consideration. What is the reason?
  11. Do you really think Aaron Boone would sign up to be the manager of the White Sox? This organization? I’d be willing to bet he’d take a TV job before signing up to be a part of this clown show.
  12. On the Score Bernstein just said that he’s 100% certain that Joe Espada will not be the manager of the White Sox. He has sources.
  13. If the White Sox hire Jim Thome or Chris fucking Getz as manager, I’m done until JR sells the team. Life it too short to let a professional baseball team make me so angry. f*** em.
  14. I REALLY hope they don’t hire Mike Schildt. After 2 long years I want to like my team again.
  15. I believe the one about Dallas Keuchel and the “Clique”. Keuchel came in the door talking s%*# about how HE HIMSELF needed to instill a “Winning attitude” in the clubhouse, only to s%*# himself in Game 2 of the 2020 playoffs. They probably blame Keuchel for getting Renteria fired (I remember him tweeting his excitement when everybody thought Hinch had the job), so I’m sure they roasted his ass every chance they got. He deserved every bit of it.
  16. I’m sure he’s a very nice guy but I HATE Len Kasper’s voice. I hope he does leave.
  17. I just hope that the bad taste of this season is gone by the time the Winter Meetings come around. I want to feel that optimism again. I hope they hire a manager that makes us all feel good about where the organization is going.
  18. Take Shelley Duncan’s salary too. He’s TLR’s hand picked analytics guy. I bet it has nothing to do with him being Dave Duncan’s son.
  19. I hope Joe Espada or Carlos Beltran gets the job.
  20. Reinsdorf there sitting in the back playing Snake on his Nokia phone.
  21. Why do people clamor so much for Bruce Bochy? Has he even spoken about managing again? He’s retired.
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