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  1. It would never happen but JR needs to reorganize the leadership (clean house). Revamp scouting, player development, baseball analytics etc. Offer Theo Epstein President of Baseball Operations - give him full authority and give the man equity / a percentage of ownership. JR needs someone to change the leadership and culture. You would have to entice Epstein by giving him some ownership.
  2. Brian Bilek for Sox insider insights Jay Cuda has insightful stats & metrics WhiteSoxDave for the shock and entertainment value
  3. was not even aware Great ballplayer Quality human being Wish him continued recovery
  4. The old guys will remember him, very good player for the White Sox in the late 1960's. First White Sox Player I ever met. When I was 7 year old he and Luis Aparicio signed baseballs for us kids at the old Imperial Gardens on 86th and Pulaski. Pete was joking with all of the kids and Luis never sad a word, looking back he probably didn't know much English. RIP Pete
  5. I wish there was some method for baseball fans to ban together and put pressure on this lockout. It always happens after the fact like in 1995 when it took awhile to wins fans back. I wish we could give an ultimatum as a fan base.
  6. I haven' read through all of the postings but mlb and the organizers of this event did an outstanding job. Everyone was helpful. Lots of great photo opportunities with FOD employees there to take pictures. Excellent customer service from the parking lot attendants to the pre game festivities and during the game itself. I have been fortunate to have been to every home playoff game for the White Sox since 1993 and this was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had. Also, the people of Iowa just seem to be universally good natured. I was hoping some of the brash & loud Yankee fans took notice.
  7. I think its a limit of 2 per season ticket holder. I manage a group of six tickets and "won" the lottery for the right to buy 2 tickets and parking for a total of $800. Now the hard part is finding a hotel within an hour from Dyersville, I am holding a hotel room in Cedar Rapids 40 miles away - but its further away from our return to Chicago. Galena and Davenport looks totally booked. Anyone have any suggestions?
  8. I really enjoyed the PBS Ken Burns baseball series. I was very excited in the late 2000's that they did an extra inning update episode because they were finally going to cover my 2005 White Sox. The Sox broke an 88 year championship drought with one of the most dominating playoff runs in history going 11-1. Ken Burns gave the series 13 seconds. Literally a 13 second blurb mention. They spent two hours on the Red sox / Yankees playoff series. As I always felt you will never win the media coverage. You can't control it, enjoy the people smart enough to recognize and comment on it.
  9. Maybe a timeline on Engel who is ready for a rehab assignment. Social media reports that ELoy may be coming back sooner than expected although I don't know how credible that is..
  10. Thirty year full season ticket holder. I had my window at 11am yesterday to pick a POD for the first homestand. The process was awful for me. The software was slow and not responsive- although I think that is a Ticketmaster issue. What was the experience of other season ticket holders? It seemed like they only selections that were decent seats were "2 PODS". I understand with 20% allowable fans its not going to be perfect but I am paying my "platinum level pricing" for a lesser # of seats in a POD that is way down the line... You were not able to pick more than one POD so you could not pick a pair of 2 seat PODS if you have 4 seats - once you selected a 2 POD your transactions ability was cut off. I was not able to get as many seats in a POD as I own in my account. Are there that many more senior season ticket holders? I assume selections were going on previous to my 11 am window but curious how that priority was really determined. I think if you want a 2 POD you will be fine but if you have a larger season ticket group you are SOL. I can't see there being any available tickets for the general public. Unless the Sox are holding back tickets the partial STH's may also end up being disappointed. I called and emailed my season ticket rep but no help there.....
  11. Per the email I received from my rep- I am a full season ticket holder since 1991. I was told I am in the "highest tier". "As a valued Season Ticket Holder, you will receive priority access to available tickets based on tenure and ticket package type. You will have the opportunity to secure a pod of tickets for the seven-game Opening Homestand (April 8-15), including the home opener on April 8. In the coming days, your White Sox Sales Representative will e-mail you additional details on timing, what to know and what to expect. Pods for future games will be made available at a later date as capacity announcements will be made on a homestand-by-homestand basis." So I am speculating that if we don't buy they will go back to the general pool for distribution. Given the scarcity of tickets, at least early on, I don't think too many people will opt to NOT buy the tickets- demand should far exceed supply. As vaccinations go up, the allowable base of 20% will also rise. Supposedly once the Chicago teams work out the logistics and procedures the next step is 30% of capacity (about 12,000 tickets).
  12. You wonder if the Sox rushed his development, just another example of a top prospect / first round pick often doesn't live up to the hype. He had a nice rookie season but never built upon it.
  13. Very sad, only 78. I first started watching White Sox baseball in the early 1970's and loved that team with Allen, Melton, May, Wood, etc. The A's were just a little better. I met him at the 2012 Ceremony honoring his 1972 season at the Stadium Club in 2012. 2020 has been extra tough on baseball players with all of the greats that have passed on....
  14. Our Rep also stated that Season ticket holders will get first priority in a limited capacity scenario
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