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  1. I don’t care how talentless this team is. You have to fire Grifol. These guys are playing dead. You have to try something.
  2. Gotta post something negative about a prospect whenever you can.
  3. I can’t believe there are people in this thread who are mad that, in mid April, Getz said adding players is easier said than done. In what world do you think it is easy right now? Is that why all the other teams are making moves and adding guys? Oh wait…
  4. So the guy who is telling him to not spend money is going to fire him for listening to him?
  5. That might the worst lineup a baseball team has ever marched out.
  6. Whatever. At this point I hope everyone in the NL Central but the Cubs sweep them. At least make my life a little less annoying in that way.
  7. Do Tatum and Baldwin have a chance to be dudes?
  8. I just assume all large real estate dealings within the United States has a ton of shady/awful people behind them.
  9. Talking about how good his primary and secondary leads were?!?!? Please put me out of my misery with this guy.
  10. At this point you should just trade him to another team that has a prospect that they soured on.
  11. I doubt they are moving Wilson at the deadline. Don’t they have him for like four more years? They’ll keep him around.
  12. Also no one gives a s%*# about your gambling wagers.
  13. Grifol fucked that one up and Benintendi is a loser.
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