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  1. I get asked all the time why I’m a Sox fan still when all they do is make me miserable…like look, if I could just stop being a fan I would have a looooong time ago, unfortunately that’s not how this works.
  2. How many did you see before that since Hahn has been the gm? This rebuild hasn't brought us anything we've wanted so far but before it we had exactly 0 playoff appearances under Rick's tenure.
  3. Our rotation is really good. Let’s fix that outfield thing.
  4. Or he's just not a starting pitcher and he's much better as a reliever.
  5. I honestly think he's the least likely to go.
  6. He doesn’t but hey at least the 1 good thing this season gets sort of recognized.
  7. How far were you from the city? I ask cause if I ever leave where I’m currently at Nashville is number 1 on my list.
  8. Man, y’all post on a baseball message board. We’re all fuckin dorks, who cares? If they’re not hurting anyone, let people like what they like.
  9. Haven’t been since I was in college but it used to be an absolute blast. As far as them cancelling this one, yup, absolute cowards.
  10. Definitely but even if you do the secondary market it's not too awful. IIRC our tickets were a bit over face on Sunday last year but pretty damn cheap on Tuesday.
  11. Living in St. Louis these days I usually try to make 4-5 games a year and last year I went to both playoff games. This year, I went to 1 in April and that was it, had 0 interest in going even when I was back in Chicago and they were at home. At this point in time I still have 0 interest for next year but obviously that can change. We'll see.
  12. Obviously Gangsta's paradise is what most people know Coolio by but man for anyone around the same age as me the Keenan and Kel opening was just the best. RIP.
  13. If this was the case we still should have won the division easily, right?
  14. Trading Moncada while his value is at its lowest just to replace him with someone who is going to make our little league defense even worse doesn't seem to make a ton of sense to me. Yoan was also just fine in 2021 offensively. Yes, it's no where near the power we want/expected from him but it certainly wasn't a "bad" offensive year.
  15. Woot we’re in 2 circles!
  16. Hate the Cardinals, appreciate the hell out of Albert. Happy he was able to get there.
  17. I love it. Good for The Guardians and exactly what our horse s%*# organization deserves.
  18. Obviously nothing Rick can say will help with what happened this season but every time he talks he has a way of making things worse so I'll be intrigued.
  19. This is where I'm at. I'm not allowing myself to get super pumped for a modest 4 games winning streak/ winning 5 of 6. Don't get me wrong, I'm hoping for the best and maybe just maybe things have turned around with Tony not in the dug out but I still think this team is what it's been all season and that's mediocre. Prove me wrong boys.
  20. It's Twitter though, it's not like he's put on the spot and has to answer. I fuckin hate Twitter Steve Stone but we all know he's locked into what the organization is doing/thinking. I don't think he just said that to say it and it's not surprising whatsoever given JR and the way the Sox do things that Tony would be back.
  21. Exactly. Certainly don’t think he’s a savior but he’s not going to hurt this team and he may help a bit so sign me(and him) up.
  22. Rowand44

    St. Charles, Mo

    Ha Tis where I live. Wouldn’t have ever expected a thread on it lol.
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