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  1. If he's bad:1 year $12mm ($8mm + $4mm buyout) If he's good: 1 year $12mm ($8mm + $4mm buyout) as he would choose free agency If he's okay: possibly 2 years for $20mm
  2. The rule is about having begun your motion -- not to have released the ball. His lengthy delivery should not be an issue.
  3. I would suggest that no one could have coached Eloy, AV, or Sheets into being major league outfielders. Baserunning is something else and they took that away from him.
  4. https://www.soxon35th.com/white-sox-announce-2023-ml-coaching-staff/ Bench Coach: Charlie Montoyo Pitching Coach: Ethan Katz Bullpen Coach: Curt Hasler Hitting Coach: José Castro Assistant Hitting Coach: Chris Johnson First Base Coach: Daryl Boston Third Base Coach: Eddie Rodríguez Major League Field Coordinator: Mike Tosar Senior Director of Sports Performance: Geoff Head Only Daryl Boston back other than Katz-Hasler
  5. Keith Law article today in the Athletic. https://theathletic.com/3946274/2022/11/28/law-astros-jose-abreu He's negative on the signing. "The Astros aren’t buying Abreu’s 2022 performance. They’re buying his 2023-2025 performances, and those are extremely likely to be worse, starting in year one and declining sharply from there".
  6. Every top 100 kind of list I've ever seen is reflective of the age of the respondents. For the last 30 years, it's 1st base. If you want to really consider legacy positions, I agree with Mighty Mite's list which begins with Chico Carasquell in 1952. That list doesn't even include one of the one of the all time greats: Luke Appling who was at short, (and then some third) for 20 years starting in 1931 So it's the better part of 90 years vs. the last 30 years
  7. That's the 12 yr at home. Born at 24 wks - spent 4 months in hospital
  8. He lives in Phoenix and has a 12yr old at home. Perhaps just wants to be closer to home. Let's see where he signs.
  9. AV made $715,000 in 2022. Even with arbitration, nothing too big on horizon. Not a free agent until 2027
  10. The issue is time frame. Better player in 2023.abreu, 2024.?, 2025 and beyond is AV
  11. Iguchi, (if his English is good enough, if I recall correctly, his wife taught at Northwestern). Would need a Spanish speaking bench coach) one World Series win; 3 Japanese series wins; been managing for 4 years; was personally solid in fundamentals; Japanese managers all drill in fundamentals. The Sox are the worst fundamental team I've ever seen in defense, positioning, running the bases, and situational hitting. a huge competitive advantage for future free agents coming out of Japan. (I won't say Ohtani in 2024 as a $300,000,000 contract would literally be the end for JR).
  12. RIGHT NOW: cleveland 79-67; sox 76-71; cleveland up 3.5 and has tie-breaker IF SOX BEAT CLEVELAND 2-1; cleveland 80-69; sox 78-72; cleveland up 2.5 and has tie-breaker with c13/s12 games remaining IF SOX BEAT CLEVELAND 3-0; cleveland 79-70; sox 79-71; cleveland up 0.5 but Sox have tie-breaker If Sox 3-0 they have alegimate chance; less than 3-0, no realistic chance
  13. sox twins Sox Lead current 74-70 current 72-70 1.0 3-0 77-70 5-0 77-70 tied 3-0 77-70 4-1 76-71 1.0 3-0 77-70 3-2 75-72 2.0 3-0 77-70 2-3 74-73 3.0 3-0 77-70 1-4 73-74 4.0 3-0 77-70 0-5 72-75 5.0 2-1 76-71 5-0 77-70 behind 1.0 2-1 76-71 4-1 76-71 tied 2-1 76-71 3-2 75-72 1.0 2-1 76-71 2-3 74-73 2.0 2-1 76-71 1-4 73-74 3.0 2-1 76-71 0-5 72-75 4.0
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