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  1. Wife broke it to me when I got home from work. I kind of thought Rick might be gone after the season, but the fact that it happened in season, and KW went with him, was the surprising part. Also pleasantly surprised this wasn't just a reassignment into a different role within the organization.
  2. First thing I thought of when I read about this was The Gathering of the Ents from Lord of the Rings.
  3. Hear hear. I have an 18 month old son who will now probably be a Cub fan (wife is a cub fan) because of the absolute fucking imbeciles that run the Sox. The biggest fucking imbecile of them all is Jerry Reinsdorf, and he is the reason that all of this is happening. All of this is on his terms. I'm not setting foot in the park until he's dead- but he'll probably live until he's 125, because all of the worst ones do. I'd hope they still have the great polish w/ grilled onion in 35 years, but that probably won't be a problem because he'll probably move the team to Nashville once someone doesn't blow his dick again with a new stadium deal that fucks the people that he's been fucking since he's owned the team.
  4. Sad to see Giolito go. He was my favorite of this group that the jackass Rick Hahn has assembled. Obviously it was coming, and no one is blindsided, but he's a guy that I would have liked to stay a White Sox for a long time. Watch him end up on the Northside in the offseason. I liked Reylo, too, and think that a competent organization could tap into his potential. Ours is not a competent organization (LAA aren't either, though). It's a career-ending injury to get traded to this organization if you're a prospect still in need of development. I feel so sorry for those two guys coming here.
  5. They just need to put all of the 1B/DH types at 1B at the same time. Vaughn, Grandal, Burger, Sheets (don't want to include Eloy for obvious reasons). Four First Basemen. It would be an impenetrable fortress. Much room for all with the bigger bases!
  6. JR misinterpreted those "sell the team" chants and billboards.
  7. I really hope a random school of piranhas that took a wrong turn from the Amazon river and accidentally wound up in Eloy's hospital room don't attack him, and also I hope he doesn't get struck by a comet and then lightning, followed by a bird flying by and shitting directly on his head afterwards. What fucking luck. Hope he's alright and back soon.
  8. Jesus was born in an incredible manger. I'm so glad we have one of those now!
  9. My favorite game out of all that I've attended, and in the wonderfully fantabulous 2007 season, nonetheless! Sosa pickoff after the walk was *chefs kiss*.
  10. Worried that one day he will randomly start on fire while standing in the on-deck circle.
  11. Glad to hear they're both back. The Nationwide sponsorship is like 4 seconds of the broadcast, so not really sure how having Benetti and Stone gone so that particular jingle doesn't happen would outweigh having boring as f*** announcers who would probably be forced to do some similar silly s%*#.
  12. I miss Ed Farmer. That said, the Sox have it made with what they have in both booths. Echoing previous sentiments shared, it could be a whole hell of a lot worse- grab an MLB package and see for yourself. Be careful what you wish for.
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