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  1. This might be insane, but I want to see us play this season through. At this point? Just f**k it. You invested everything and years upon years into this “window”. The division is going to be within our grasp come late July, IMO. Just go try and win it. Not saying mortgage anything, but why tear it down now? Just see what happens… 5.5 games back in a bad division with the worst of our schedule potentially out of the way and 111 freakin games left. Just… go give it your all one last time. Maybe the impossible happens and we stay healthy.
  2. Daniel Murphy did it. Issue with Burger is more that he can’t field, though.
  3. Please, god. Yes. I'm begging for anything else. He does nothing well. He's even poor defensively, so what's the point?
  4. I hate when we get a runner at 3rd with less than two outs. Not only am I unhappy when this happens - I began getting preemptively angry at what I know is about to happen. You could shutout this team EVERY game if you started each inning walking the bases loaded. I PROMISE YOU!
  5. After taking two from Cleveland and watching Minnesota sort of stumble. Yeah, no one's running away with this. With a bunch of games upcoming against our weak division as well? It still wouldn't shock me to see us reel some wins off. But again... here we are with me thinking about this on a Dylan Cease day, going into a game that we "should" win. I will likely be very frustrated and pissed off by 2-3 PM this afternoon. A surge would remind me a little of the 2001 season. After we won 95 games and had high expectations. Started 14-29. Wound up getting back in it quickly and finding .500 at 36-36. Obviously, that year, we didn't follow through on that run and sort of hovered around .500 most of the year. 83 wins, Cleveland won 91, and A's got the only AL Wild Card with 102 wins.
  6. He looks awful. No way he keeps getting away with this.
  7. Life has been insanely busy. I haven't been around much, at all, this year. I have been watching, unfortunately. I suppose that I didn't care to log in only to be miserable around a bunch of others who are equally as miserable. I already spend most games fuming with frustration. No need to add more. The Eloy news made me shake my head and laugh. What else can you do, at this point? He was just starting to get hot. So, of course, that happens. This being said... Outside of the extra inning loss to Minnesota, which made me want to gouge my eyes out (Seriously... what's more of a lock than this team failing to plate a run with a runner on 3rd and less than 2 outs? It makes the current extra inning format TORTURE as a fan of this team!), I'm actually starting to open up the door to giving this team another shot. They're only 7 out in a bad division. If they can take 3 of 4 here and get a bit healthier. I could see us looking up a month from now and being squarely in the central mix and pushing back towards .500. Maybe we look back on that April stretch as simply a god awful period of baseball we played, before we got it together? Our schedule over the next month is not bad and we play mostly at home. A lot of division games lined up to make up some ground, too. Tonight, Cease has to come out hot against a poor KC lineup, though. We aren't going anywhere if he can't figure this out. Hopefully we can keep yesterday's onslaught up against Greinke, who has been struggling pretty bad. No excuse for dropping this game tonight. Obviously, the hurdle that seems utterly impossible for this team to overcome, is being able to sustain ANY semblance of health for a period of time. Instead of continuously cycling out one key piece for another. It will be nice to have Hendricks back. God knows the bullpen needs it. The fact I am willing to show optimism, though, only means that tonight will be sheer and utter misery. I will read this post later tonight and laugh/mock myself while cursing the White Sox, Cease, etc. I'm going to try and watch with hopeful eyes again, though. I realize how bad this is/has been, TRUST ME. I just don't want the season to have been lost in April. For chrissake, they're the only reason I paid in full before the season for MLB.TV living out of market. lol
  8. This is a bottom 5 team in baseball right now, easily. Just pitiful. With 3 at Toronto and 4 more vs TB upcoming? This ship could be sunken before it even gets out of the port. 8-21? 9-20? That would (most likely) be all she wrote for 2023. We don't have the fire power to dig ourselves out of that hole. Nor have we ever displayed anything, even remotely resembling, the chemistry as a unit required to go on a big run. It would take everything we have just to get back to .500 at that point. A lost season by the end of April could be our reality. Just amazing.
  9. I don't think so... We are in hell and stuck trying to win with this.
  10. After the latest shitshow blunder of a game by this team last night. I gotta say... I think if we don't take these next two games, with our best two pitchers going? I might totally turn the leaf over to football. The two wins vs Houston after sweeping Detroit appear to have been nothing more than a dick tease. These last three games have been the most 2022 White Sox thing to date. Two games handed away on a silver platter that we should have won due to mismanagement and wasted opportunities. Then, a total embarrassment in the final game vs Houston. We are entering must win territory tonight, IMO. I don't even really want to watch. I don't have much faith. The only saving grace is that Johnny Cueto has won a ton of respect and admiration from me. Maybe he can put a halt to yet another troubling trend of games and lead the way.
  11. God. We love hitting the ball on the ground. It's unreal. Even when we hit a mistake hard... it's on the ground.
  12. Pretty sure half of this forum could have stolen a base on Kopech at one point or another tonight.
  13. I'm still too pissed about the Harrison/Engel AB's to even think about anything else. Even the game that was going on in front of me during that last half inning.
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