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  1. lol 24 pitches and counting, zero outs. I'm guessing the White Sox have 5 outs before Ober reaches 24.
  2. That's wild to think about being nearly .500 vs them!
  3. They'd probably be like 5-3 against them if games ended after 6 innings lol. No need for them to worry, the bullpen always sucks.
  4. 5-11 last year, 3-6 so far this year is what I'm reading.
  5. I think they'll be 8-18 in extras after a loss tonight under Grifol.
  6. lol ok it's time for the Twins to score again. Always seem to score right after the Sox do.
  7. lol I'm yelling, how the hell are you going to screw up the run down, almost happened.
  8. lol I was thinking 6th or 7th inning, but definitely inevitable.
  9. Well, it was nice knowing you "good game"......
  10. I'm not super high on prospects in general but I don't want him around anyone who may be called up. Not entirely his fault but the only culture he's brought is a losing one.
  11. This team is so bad, might as well try and steal all the time. Who cares it they get thrown out.
  12. lol so painful to watch this team.
  13. I appreciated Remillard's effort last year. In this wasteland of a year, might as well let him play for a bit.
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