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  1. It hurts seeing him go, but he's been a true professional and deserves a chance at playoff success with a more competent franchise.
  2. I wouldn't mind them looking into trading Eloy after his great second half but assuming he's on the team, most of his at bats need to be at DH. Pollock more than likely will be here next year so he'll be playing the majority of LF if all goes well. My rough guess for Eloy is 70 games DH, 40 games LF, 52 games IL or off day.
  3. This whole organization is such a disaster, might as well make it a comedic one with Ozzie again.
  4. Engel's error against Baltimore with 2 out in the 9th, only to lose the game was the worst loss for me, mainly because it was so late in the season and led to another losing streak.
  5. I cringed when Brian Daubach was rocking the #23 in 2003. It still bothers me when someone wears it, although not as bad anymore.
  6. I still think you gotta look into trading Eloy. We all know he's uncoordinated and injury prone. It's well beyond the bad luck/freak incidences. With being hot this second half, it's probably the highest his trade value has been in the past 2 years. At least 2 of the 4 in Abreu, Vaughn, Sheets, and Jimenez need to be gone. We can't keep playing 3 or 4 1B/DH in the lineup.
  7. I wish Tony the best health wise, but it's clear this team has more desire to play under Cairo.
  8. And sadly if it wasn't for the stupid decision of letting Joe Kelly pitch, it might've been enough.
  9. I'd be find with Moncada leading off as well. I like Zavala batting 9th. He seems to be decent there.
  10. SS Andrus CF Robert DH Jimenez 1B Abreu RF Sheets LF Vaughn 3B Moncada 2B Harrison C Zavala That would be my lineup tonight with these players.
  11. I think part of Moncada's problems are his lack of focus in non pressure situations. He looks so much more dialed in when it's a big at bat.
  12. lol the Sox are always an out behind. Abreu's groundout would've been perfect with no outs. I'm guessing Moncada will get a nice looking 2 out sac fly.
  13. Lineup predictions with Robert back? 1. Anderson SS 2. Vaughn RF 3. Jimenez LF 4. Abreu 1B 5. Moncada 3B 6. Robert DH 7. Grandal C 8. Harrison 2B 9. Engel CF Whatever it is, hopefully there's a win involved. It's crunch time. Hopefully it's a 3 out of 4 weekend.
  14. Thanks for being patient Yoan. I know Sheets had a sac fly but this dude is wild.
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