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  1. You just keep on reinforcing what an Ass you are.
  2. The fans and the City deserve a 200+ million payroll after wasting two years of our lives with the TLR disaster.
  3. There's also probably zero chance you purchased the winning lotto ticket at Joe's gas station in Altadena, but I'm hoping it was you so you can buy the team and let SoxTalk be you're GM.
  4. Gleyber Torres could be available and if the rumor is true, would be someone the Sox should consider trading for.
  5. Herm was constantly rubbing player's down. Most player's seemed more relaxed and not as muscular or tightly wound as today's players, there were exceptions in the 70's before the steroids took it to another level. Even today most player's are lean and muscle bound, look at Moncada for an example of someone tight as a drum. Here's hoping our new manager, and hitting coach can turn that muscle into more balls clearing the wall and this team could soar.
  6. I can remember reading national reports that the Sox were 11th, which would put them slightly above average. I couldn't believe it at the time because we had lost and continued to lose, or play injured players all season. 4th sounded about right to me, not sure where 11th came from, but I read it somewhere besides SoxTalk.
  7. Between the Gio video and the FaceTime with Pedro and Eloy, things will be different next season that much you can count on.
  8. I fear the bigger bases will only give Eloy more bag to trip over.
  9. One has nothing to do with the other. definition of "gamer" a person known for consistently making a strong effort. "he's a gamer, always ready to go that extra mile" it has nothing to do with how fast you are.
  10. Not only that but then to play him in multiple positions he hadn't played recently put a ton of pressure on him. I agree with a comment earlier that his second half tiring is because he doesn't have the legs to play the outfield. He's a gamer and will give it his all, but he makes average plays looks spectacular. I like the guy but the Sox didn't do him any good by bringing him up early only to play him out at multiple positions but not the one he was drafted for.
  11. I understand he played out of position and he didn't spend time in the minors and he's a good hitter, but he's slow as s%*# and was projected as a DH out of college. I like Andrew and I think this team needs more of him, just wish they'd come with a better glove and were quicker.
  12. Wow "pregame processing needed to be tightened up", ya think Rick.
  13. Why would he, he's a HOF Manager and he thinks no one is smarter. Case in point would any other Manager thinking of Intentionally walking someone with 2 strikes. Hard to find a genius like TLR.
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