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  1. I remember he asked for Devers and the Red Sox said no, but believe what you want. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/sunday-notes-the-white-sox-wanted-rafael-devers-and-the-elbow-gods-got-their-revenge/
  2. What a great discussion about the game. It's really unbelievable your fascination with the broadcast booth. We get it, you could do a better job so there no need to keep bringing it up over and over and over and over.
  3. Spot on.....I watched my two grandsons playing a game Tuesday night and they both made the same play that Sheets made trying to catch the ball going to the second baseman when they were suppose to be covering first. Only difference is they are only 5 and 6 years old.
  4. Nothing worse then someone pointing out typos's on a message board. I'm sure you have had a few, but really who cares. Get a life.
  5. I respect your opinion and I'm sure he was hired on the cheap, but he's just a sideshow. The game on the field is what matters, not what's said in the booth. Target JR, Pedro, and the players but do we really need to argue over what an announcer says. Same thing happened with Benetti, and everyone who now says Hawk "told it like it is" I'd like to go back through the years and see how many people complained about Hawk. It's not like Harry Carry and Jimmy Piersall didn't say or do anything stupid. If our current announcer made a habit of pronouncing players names backwards game after game this board would show no mercy. I've said this before, if the team was good the announcers wouldn't even be given a second thought. JR, not the announcers should be the target for hiring an incompetent GM, Manager, scouts, Player Development coaches, training staff, and announcers and stringing us along for 43 miserable years of mostly unwatchable baseball.
  6. I hope you have a good day, being angry and disgruntled constantly is no way to get through life.
  7. You really are clueless. Yes, the rain delay took him out of his groove. Happens all the time in baseball if you were paying attention instead of focusing on the announcers.
  8. I would say most of SoxTalk hates him mainly because your all a bunch of no-it-alls. Not a one of you could announce a game any better. He's a new announcer on the worst team in baseball what would you like him to talk about? Maybe he could start with we suck but that wouldn't really go over to well with his boss. Really, who the F cares, If the Sox were in first place no one would be talking about the announcers. People here tend to pick on the weakest and give him a full dose of Chicago hate for no reason other than our team sucks and we have to complain about everything. So long SoxTalk I've had enough talk about announcers the last two years.
  9. Can't remember seeing it before myself, does that make me a bad announcer?
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