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  1. Makes no sense to accept "poor value back" when you have control of him for another two years. Ask for the most and settle on something a little less. Time is on the Sox side, competing teams in the hunt will buckle if they have a SP need to put them over the hump whether or not Cease is considered a #1 or #2 SP. That and spring training or early season injuries will be enough to get someone to bite. The Sox are in no hurry to accept poor value for an SP. Chris Sale at 34 signed a 2 year 38 million contract with the Braves with his injury history so teams will pay when it comes to SP and getting a 28 year old with 2 years left on his contract as our former governor said is "Golden"
  2. I was born in late August 1959, and those damn sirens woke me up from a peaceful nap!
  3. The quote below speaks directly to JR as a person and an owner. Leland knew JR well, which is why he put him off and signed with Detroit who had an owner willing to spend money on the right players. Leyland wanted no part of the Jerry show. “We had a reunion of the 1983 team in 2003, and I asked him about coming back, and he said he wasn’t going to come back [to managing],” Reinsdorf said. “And a couple of years later [in 2006], he comes back in our division [with Detroit]. I called him, with a couple of expletives. He came back, and he did great.”
  4. He must be related to Ohtani, JR's actually gonna try for Ohtani hoping that by signing his relatives he'll take the Sox low-ball offer just like Machado....wait I forgot Machado took the $$$
  5. Beat me to it, I didn't read your post until I posted mine.
  6. If he was smart he would take the Mets offer, why would anyone choose the Sox if money was similar. Certainly not to join an organization run by JR, a rookie GM, and Pedro.
  7. But, I read in the paper today that the Sox lost money in 2023....ya right! This team is a disaster, and I'm not sticking around to watch it.
  8. I hate to generalize, especially to put a person into a group because not everyone is the same, however aren't all Golden Domers arrogant to some extent.
  9. He was under contract, he did not leave the Sox for more money. The Sox chose to let him go and his talent brought more money on the open market. Nowhere have I read or heard that Jason demanded more money. Get a clue.
  10. Hilarious, how people jump to conclusions and don't actually read the article or who it's written by but are quick to bring down the hatchet.
  11. Disagree, Jason wanted to be a White Sox announcer and money had nothing to do with it because he was already under contract. It was the Sox who let him out of his contract, they could have held him to it if they really wanted him to announce games this year. Brooks is and ass for saying that regardless of how he may have intended the comment to sound. It sounds bad, and someone on his level of management should refrain from making a comment that could be perceived as ignorant.
  12. Bummer has talent no doubt and the Braves will most likely help him figure it out like no pitching coach from the Sox could. It's just that IMO Bummer can't handle pressure and he'll face a lot more of that from the rabid Braves fan base who won't tolerate his meltdowns.
  13. don't forget the toothpaste. https://theodent.com/products/theodent-300
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