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  1. I was highly optimistic after reading reports of a red hot Moncada in the WBC, only to be let down once again when I read today he might not be ready for opening day. Not gonna ride this roller-coaster again and I will go back to having zero expectations that this team will win the division.
  2. Moncada picked the wrong sport, he should be a soccer player with that act.
  3. Yas smacked that ball, and Benni's was well placed. I'll forgive the out at home, for now. Gio also looking good, and Vaughn's dive was nice.
  4. Cespedes played LF against Italy and went 0-2 and was the DH against the Netherlands going 0-2 with two walks.
  5. Maybe Marco Paddy should start looking at the Dominican Republic for player's instead of Cuba. How can Cuba lose to Italy and the Netherlands?
  6. March 2018 — Luis Robert’s suffers left thumb sprain following a slide and was out two months July 2, 2018 — Luis Robert injures left thumb again Just 10 days into his promotion to Advanced-A and about a month into his career, Robert again sprained his left thumb, which sent him to the IL, he returned July 3 only to then miss the rest of the month before finally settling back into the lineup on Aug. 3
  7. Hearing raves about camp Grifol stressing the little things and the attention to detail needed to win. Unfortunately the ones that can use it the most are away at the WBC. So another season goes by with minor league instruction interrupted at a time when a young team needed it the most with the last 3 interrupted by the strike and COVID.
  8. Thank you, and I thought I was the only one who thought that way. I tend to ignore him, which I tried to do already but you can't ignore administrators on this site.
  9. Everyone knows how you respond to people you don't agree with. Move on already and stop bringing up race, it has nothing to do with one's opinion of TA.
  10. Yes I can. I was one who said to give Tony a chance, but after last year I totally blame him for the downturn in team energy and performance. Listening to player's talk about doing drill's in Spring training that were never asked of them previously is telling.
  11. I listened to the podcast and didn't get the feeling that TA was being an ass at all. I'm actually starting to get excited about the upcoming season after listening to some of these podcast and after hearing how much has changed from last year. They won't say it, but Tony was obviously the problem with this team underperforming. The whole team culture where no one was held accountable by a players manager was clearly a problem with the team not pulling together.
  12. Let me guess, this came from Paul Bleed Cubbie Blue Sullivan.
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