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  1. I love it when the boys fight in public.
  2. I would like to commend you for using anyway instead of anyways (there are those who will tell you that’s not a word) and couldn’t care less correctly.
  3. This literally made me lol. The truth is often better better than fiction.
  4. There is a Mendoza line joke in there somewhere.
  5. f***, f***, fuckity, f***, f***, f***!
  6. Whoever he is, he’d be better than LaRussa and Guillen. 😁
  7. Frank is a bit like Aaron Rodgers to me as a Packer fan. Rodgers is a complete tool, but he’s our tool. Frank may have been a moody douche, but he was our moody douche.
  8. If it’s Guillen…I’m not sure I can support them anymore or at least until Reinsdorf is gone. I know I say that and I know I’ll be back watching, but how fucking stubborn or dumb or whatever can a guy be to hire LaRussa and then Guillen. Zero self awareness. Please let this rant be for naught. Please hire Long or anyone who’s been in a dugout this decade. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.
  9. I absolutely believe the part about being afraid to go outside the org.
  10. Cribbage is my favorite card game. Let’s trade for Francona. 🎲(I couldn’t find a deck of cards so I defaulted to a die)
  11. That’s a pretty low bar. I’m hoping, and that may be too high of bar, that the Sox can do better than that simple goal.
  12. Give us a timeframe or something…is it this game, week, month, inning…they’re all in play. 😎
  13. I may be out in left field (pun intended 😁) on this, but I think Anderson goes. He’s the guy that should get the best return. Ok, everyone call me names.
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