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  1. Berhalter's out. Now go hire someone with a good resume and success at the international level.
  2. Since his call up on 5/31, he's hitting .295/.333/.467 in 111 PAs. This recent hot stretch has obviously helped those numbers a lot, but it is encouraging that he's putting up respectable numbers over 100+ PAs.
  3. Yeah this is your opportunity to do a reset. Get a good experienced coach who has achieved success at the international level. If Jurgen Klopp is actually interested in the job and that's a big if, you gotta pay him. 2 years is a long time in the world of soccer. Hell half the guys who started yesterday might not be starters on the World Cup team in 2 years.
  4. It's because CONMEBOL controlled everything this time around. I thought the 2016 Copa was fairly well run, but I think CONCACAF and USSF had more of a say in that tournament.
  5. Tim Anderson was an all star less than 2 years ago. I've never seen a baseball player fall on his face so hard and so fast in his professional and personal life without getting suspended for PEDs or commit a crime.
  6. There's so many good managers available. The USSF just needs to pay up. Berhalter was coaching 2nd division teams in Sweden before getting an MLS job. The guy is out of his depth at the international level.
  7. I know I said that earlier, but the CONMEBOL refs and their ineptitude with the s%*# camera yesterday and the VAR reviews that take 10 minutes make me think otherwise. Mexico and the US need to play better competition regularly. Playing each other and claiming they're the best in a s%*# confederation means nothing.
  8. That ref was one of the worst I've seen in a game. Adams getting a yellow for being stepped on. The advantage call after whistling the play dead and showing the yellow card. Whistling the play dead when the US had advantage after a hand ball. This whole tournament felt janky as f***, especially when you compare it to the Euros. Yes, they have bad refs too, but it's more in a subjective sense as opposed to screwing up objective rules. Also their offside calls are all semi-automated and you don't have people drawing subjective lines. All that aside, the US can only blame themselves for not making it out of a pretty easy group. Weah may have been a huge factor in that, but Berhalter sure as hell didn't help. That clown decided to let his players know that Bolivia had tied Panama and they give up the go-ahead goal seconds after that. It's so unserious, unprofessional, and shows the type of mentality Berhalter and the USMNT play with. It's like they only care about getting by with the bare minimum. This tournament was a huge wake up call for this team to get its s%*# together before the World Cup in 2026. Because you cannot get grouped while hosting a World Cup.
  9. DeMar might be in a tough spot here. Cause no team that wants him has enough cap room to outright sign him for what the Bulls offered, which was like 2 years and $80 million. So it has to be done through S&T unless DeMar agrees to play on the tax payer's MLE. Say he takes a slight discount to go home and the Clippers are willing to go 3 years $90 million for him, the Bulls could possibly take back Norman Powell and Ivan Zubac/Terrence Mann to make salaries match. I don't see the Clippers doing that since Zubac is the one big they have on their roster and I doubt the Bulls want to be saddled with 2 years of Norman Powell when they already have too many guards.
  10. Isn't Smith a tweener? I think he's a nice signing and someone the Bulls desperately needed the last few years, but if they trade Vuc, they gotta go out and get a real center.
  11. Cowley says DeRozan, LaVine, and Vucevic are not in the plans for next year.
  12. He bunkered for the entire 2nd half. While I agree they needed to account for Panama's crosses, changing to a 531 and getting nothing going on offense doomed us. Because in any situation where Panama scores, you don't have the personnel to score a goal. Not to mention the extra CB he brought on, CCV, almost gave away 2 penalties on unnecessary challenges.
  13. One of the dumbest reds I've seen a US player commit and we're probably gonna get grouped now. The unfortunate thing is that the Weah red probably absolves some blame from Berhalter. But still, not good enough. You can't lose to Panama at home with your best squad, even if you're down to 10 men. We really need to figure this out before 2026. We can't go into that tournament with these kinds of mistakes and embarrass ourselves as hosts.
  14. He needs to develop a lot. Really good athlete, but really raw and not a 3 point shooter.
  15. The Knicks gave up 5 first rounders for Mikal Bridges. Yet the Bulls can't get any for Caruso or LaVine. Bridges is coming off a down season too.
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