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  1. I don't see them trading Lucas while Katz is the pitching coach.
  2. If Katz can get him to stop fidgeting before the pitch I would be so happy.
  3. Donaldson is gonna be 37 and is owed almost $30 million guaranteed. Even if the Yankees kick in $11 million like the article suggested the Sox would still be adding salary for 2022.
  4. Anyone but Donaldson and I'd probably take that deal (all money being equal).
  5. Is this the 2022 version of the Sox are interested in players like Semien and Robbie Ray?
  6. The Twins did just trade Urshela away for a 19 year old pitcher. I don't know if Kepler would demand much more.
  7. Without his starts against the Sox, Bundy would be have been god awful last year.
  8. He's down to 21st percentile in sprint speed. Which definitely doesn't help him defensively.
  9. Way to out yourself as racist...jk I was pretty sure Wong went to HS in Hawaii.
  10. I can see why the Sox tendered Ruiz a contract when Joely Rodriguez is getting $2 million guaranteed.
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