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  1. Like how the hell is Benintendi making $15 mil a year with an OPS below .400? If that was me, I'd consider retiring from embarrassment.
  2. Glancing at the batting averages and OPS of the Sox lineup might be the most depressing part of my day.
  3. Getting blown out by the Heat without Butler should be a giant wake up call. But probably not to the Bulls FO.
  4. Go look on Savant, his slowest fastball was 91.5. And he was throwing in the low 90s towards the end of the start.
  5. He wasn't throwing nearly as hard this start and got down to as low as 91. I hope it's just a bad start and not his arm already fatiguing from the workload.
  6. Jimmy probably isn't playing Friday. Caruso also doubtful though. If they can't beat a Butler-less Heat team they aren't gonna compete with the Celtics anyways.
  7. This was Coby's breakout out game to a national audience.
  8. How does a guy of his size only throw 90? You don't necessarily need velocity to be effective, but it definitely puts a huge limit on his ceiling.
  9. The Royals are just feasting on the Sox. Half their wins are against us.
  10. The Sox are last in baseball in homers. 2nd to last in slugging. Last in barrels. 2nd to last in hits, only the Twins have less hits, but they have almost twice the amount of homers. This team can't hit and they have no power. It's the ultimate snooze fest.
  11. The embarrassment is only worth it if there are actual changes that come out of the team being terrible.
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