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  1. I can't believe they gave Abreu an error on the play he got out at 3rd on. That ball was smoked.
  2. It's up there with his near no hitter and start against Toronto last year where I think he had 13 strikeouts. The funny thing about his near no hitter was that he didn't look all that dominant for about half the game. He looked straight up filthy all game long last night.
  3. Houston is literally Lynn's kryptonite. Hopefully he has his new curve ball working today so they can't just sit fastball all game long.
  4. Seattle owns them. Karinchak also blew the game for them so that makes it even better.
  5. I mean, if Soxtalk was managing, Sheets would have pinch hit for Vaughn and who knows what might have happened.
  6. We won 1 game in Houston, against Verlander too. Cueto shut them out.
  7. I was very encouraged by how he went after their hitters. Usually guys who never closed before end up either too amped or too nervous. Reylo was amped but was pumping in strikes.
  8. Probably should have scored 4 or 5 runs with how many guys we had on base. You obviously take the win, but we gotta hit better with RISP.
  9. When's the last time we won on opening day? Even in 2020 and 2021 we lost the opener.
  10. That was a near perfect pitch to a righty, but an absolute meat pitch to an elite lefty like Yordan.
  11. Atta boy Reylo. Besides the slider to Alvarez that was a great outing.
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