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  1. He just has days where he doesn't have any of his stuff. We saw it last year, even before he started getting knee problems.
  2. Our pitchers didn't want to pitch, but from what I saw, there were no major injuries to pitchers from actually pitching. Just Edwin Diaz getting hurt from celebrating.
  3. They also have the best player on the planet. Their pitching was easily the best in the tournament. I was surprised to see such great stuff from just about every Japanese pitcher.
  4. It's too bad the Mariners blew their load on Luis Castillo. You'd think they would be a favorite to sign any Japanese players.
  5. Witt is fast af, but he's not super efficient at stealing bases.
  6. Congrats to Japan. Well played by them all tournament. US had chances, just couldn't hit at all with runners on base.
  7. Ohtani has so much tail on his 4 seam that it looks like a cutter.
  8. Not a single fastball for a strike in that PA.
  9. Just gotta hope McNeil takes 4 wide ones.
  10. Not having Tucker has hurt the US this game.
  11. He's a starter that hasn't really pitched much in the WBC. Now you're asking him to pitch in relief against an all star lineup that has seen him.
  12. For the love of god, pinch hit for Mullins with Tucker.
  13. Schwarbomb. Darvish was throwing him so many meatballs
  14. Can't even blame the US pitching at this point. The hitters haven't shown up.
  15. Can't waste this opportunity. Only 8 outs left and they have Darvish and Ohtani waiting to close this out.
  16. Taking TA out and replacing him with .111 hitting McNeil here is certainly a choice...
  17. Adam is gonna let this game get out of reach.
  18. Japan are gonna use Darvish and Ohtani to close this out.
  19. How can you give Schwarber the green light with Turner on deck?
  20. The last 2 hitters in Japan's lineup are the cake walks. You have to get those guys out.
  21. He looks MLB ready. He'll probably be here in a couple years.
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