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  1. Something else from his past will almost certainly emerge if he stays in the spotlight making hundreds of millions. There are so many reasons why MLB should stay the hell away. I am hopeful they will.
  2. So the old man is going to come to ST and watch a couple games. Give him a pencil and a piece of notebook paper and let him think he’s doing something. While this whole thing is silly, it seems harmless.
  3. Only reason I could think of is White Sox pitchers like throwing to him, especially Giolito.
  4. Lionsin is going to do it this time, I can feel it.
  5. Is there a reason this guy’s tweets are being shared? Is there any reason to believe he knows anything?
  6. Not only is it horrible PR for the team/MLB, you have to think about the actual players who would have to spend the majority of their life with this person, and more importantly how the players’ wives feel about that. I don’t care if he is innocent in the court of law, the guy has something wrong with him. It’s a ticking time bomb, and I’m not talking about him “ruffling feathers” for being outspoken.
  7. No thanks. MLB is doing their best to blackball him, and there’s good reason.
  8. Is this an Outman/Cespedes comparison? If so, I’m here for it.
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