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  1. 😄I can imagine in some alternate universe where the Sox had McGuire, Sosa & Thomas on the same team.
  2. Escobar, Daniel Hudson & Mychal Givens would be nice.
  3. I always felt this way, too, and would even go as far to say that he should be in the top 100 at year's end.
  4. I would usually say "unbelievable", but in this day and age...
  5. 😀 Yeah, I just remembered he did have 4 appearances in the WS. Either way, the acquisition cancels out Captain Wackypants or whatever the hell Koch's nickname was.
  6. Never understood what KW was looking at when he made that trade, but as the Joker would say "Its all part of the plan". Allow me to un-piss you off about that deal: Cotts was as lockdown as you could get out of the pen in 05'. Didn't really factor much in the playoffs, but he did to get to 99 wins.
  7. Re-sign Colome 1/8 with an option and Hand 2/18.
  8. Why are people so down on LaVine that they would use him as trade bait to move up a few spots? I honestly wouldn't trade him straight up for anybody in this draft, and in all honesty, he'd probably go #1 in this draft. Also wouldn't use Lauri or Wendell to move up either. I say just stay put and pick BPA, which I could envision Ball being there. Personally, I'm on the Killian Hayes bandwagon.
  9. Agree with Lopez at this point. I think he would flourish out of the pen. The same scenario needs to be considered for Rodon as well. I'm ready to go the Andrew Miller route with him, but will he be up for something like that?
  10. Had a lot of fun watching this team, from the brawl with Detroit to the 7 game sweep of NYY & CLE, it was the first time in my White Sox fandom that they were actually good. The trade for Charles Johnson was a head scratcher at first, but damn was he AMAZING in his stint with the Sox. It really goes under the radar how good he was. I see a lot of people talking about the pitching, but lets be honest, the only way they were going to win anything was by hitting. Unfortunately, against the Mariners, they failed miserably at that and that was that. Off season brought in that idiot Wells, Clayton(unnecessary, but I do remember a ton of fans/media complaining about Valentin's errors), Alomar and it just never clicked. Started off 2001 like shit through May, but after that were solid. I hated Wells so much that one of my favorite memories of the 05' Sox WS team will forever be Iguchi hitting a grand slam off that crumb!
  11. What about Springer, though? He won't demand that type of money.
  12. I'm not at all a huge fan of Hahn & Co. and the drafting they've done, but at the end of the day they're 2nd round picks in baseball. How many teams actually make a killing drafting in the 2nd round? Here are a few examples of some teams that everyone considers to have exceptional scouting, especially compared to the Sox: Astros Last 10 2nd Rd Picks: 2012: Nolan Fotana 2013: Andrew Thurman 2014: A.J. Reed 2015: Tom Eshelman 2016: Ronnie Dawson 2017: Joe Perez/Corbin Martin/J.J. Matijevic 2018: Jayson Shroeder 2019: Grae Kessinger Rays Last 10 2nd Rd Picks: 2013: Riley Unroe 2014: Brent Honeywell Jr./Cameron Varga 2015: Chris Betts 2016: Jake Fraley /Ryan Boldt 2017: Michael Mercado 2018: Tanner Dodson/Tyler Frank 2019: John Doxakis Twins Last 10 2nd Rd Picks: 2012: J.T. Chargois/Mason Meoltakis 2013: Ryan Eades 2014: Nick Burdi 2015: Kyle Cody 2016: Akil Baddoo/Jose Miranda/Joe Rortvedt 2017: Landon Leach 2018: Ryan Jeffers 2019: Matt Canterino A's Last 10 2nd Rd Picks: 2012: Nolan Sanburn/Bruce Maxwell 2013: Chad Pinder/Dillon Overton 2014: Daniel Gossett 2015: Mikey White 2016: Logan Shore 2017: Greg Deichmann 2018: Jeremy Eierman/Jameson Hannah 2019: Tyler Baum Dodgers Last 10 2nd Rd Picks: 2011: Alex Santana 2012: Paco Rodriguez 2013: Tom Windle 2014: Alex Verdugo 2015: Josh Sborz/Mitchell Hansen 2016: Mitchell White 2017: Morgan Cooper 2018: Michael Grove 2019: Jimmy Lewis
  13. The man everyone on this board loves...Jose Abreu.
  14. State side next year? Possibly finish at low A if all goes well?
  15. Nah, at this point he should definitely get a look towards the end of the season or next as a backup C/DH option. He's hit everywhere in the minors.
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