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  1. This team needs a near total rebuild. It starts with firing Hahn in the next couple weeks and bringing in a GM with a proven winning record with a winning organization. Then you basically start listening to trade offers on everyone. There is no untouchables if the return is right. The whole key is to get rid of Hahn and get someone who knows how to construct a winning team. Of course none of this will happen so F it!
  2. I watch very few games anymore. Decided to watch today. This team is absolute garbage. We aren't even in to June yet and they are totally dead in the water. If it wasn't for KC this is a last place team. And hey, they still might be. As we all know the whole thing has to be burned down. And that can't happen until JR and RH are gone.
  3. We aren't even out of April. This team will easily set the record for losses by a White Sox team.
  4. This team will lose over 100 games this season. Were looking at another 4 to 5 year rebuild, and that only as a chance at being successful if the entire front office is replaced and JR sells the team.
  5. Sox will have to score 10 to win this. Kopech won't last more than 5.
  6. What a total ****show. This team is a last place team in the worst division in baseball.
  7. This team will battle the Royals for last place. Until RH is gone and JR no longer owns the team this will be the product on the field. Next year will be exactly like this year which is exactly like last year. Still playing players out of position. Still having a team full of DH types. Just a total and complete ****show of a team. Every last one of us knew that when it was 4-0 today they needed to score at least double that to win. We knew this bullpen would implode. Yes Rick, only 3 weeks in and the season is over.
  8. Sox need a few more. Once the BP comes in things will get ugly quick.
  9. Have to give Grandal credit for losing some weight and getting in great shape. At least he is showing that he cares. Also you have to find a spot for Burger as long as he is hitting. If Jimenez doesn't hit there is no spot for him.
  10. I thought last year was awful. This organization needs a complete overhaul. This team is constructed so poorly. Next to no talent in the minors. Need to fire Hahn before the trading deadline. Trade everyone worth anything except Robert, Colas, and Cease. Start another rebuild with a competent GM.
  11. Expect Jimenez to be out another month after that foul ball to the groin.
  12. The only difference between last year and this is the Sox will be effectively out of contention by June 1st.
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