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  1. I had lost all hope. This hire at the least has given me that hope back. He said all the things I wanted the new Manager to say. He recognizes the most glaring issues with this team. Can he fix those issues? We will find out.
  2. When the Yankees lose this series to Cleveland Boone will become available and the Sox better not screw it up and jump on him immediately.
  3. If there ever was a .500 team this Sox team is it.
  4. Nice to see Bill Gates at the game again. 2nd row in the gray shirt.
  5. Does McKenzie throw more than 10 pitches this inning?
  6. Talk about crapping the bed, the Twins already behind 3-0 in the first. About to lose 4 out of the 5.
  7. As if they haven't tortured us enough this season of course when it's too late they are going to hit 10 HR's today just to remind us what we all expected to see all season long.
  8. This team in no way shape or form deserves to be in the playoffs. This season just needs to end.
  9. The Sox will have to sweep the Guardians and even then will need them to lose 3 or 4 in a row.
  10. All these calls for TLR to walk away are only making his resolve to come back all the stronger. The guy is an ego maniac and a narcissist. No one is going to tell the great TLR to take a hike.
  11. I wouldn't start questioning your fandom strictly because of this season. This has been an exceptionally frustrating year for White Sox fans because of the fact that everything was setting up for a very competitive team and legit WS contender until the day JR decided to hire TLR. And to make it even more incredibly frustrating we now know that JR not only hired a 78 year old with a drinking problem but a 78 year old with a pacemaker installed. You can't make this up. And even not knowing about the pacemaker we all knew it was the absolute worst hire he could have made.. And it has played out exactly as we all knew it would. And to make it even worse, we are now seeing what might have been with different leadership in the dugout and it's too friggen late. And it was totally avoidable. The front office totally let it's fan base down with not making every move possible to take advantage of this window of opportunity to be a serious contender.
  12. How did Cleveland end up with 6 at home against KC to end the year? Was this the original schedule or are there make up games included. Bottom line the Sox just waited too long to get serious about this thing. I blame a lot of this on TLR and his giving too many games away with terrible lineups. This group needed a constant fire lit under their butts and TLR was not the right Manager for that job.
  13. TLR will be back at some point this week. His ego is too big for him to walk away from a pennant race.
  14. The Sox can't let him come back to an incredible stressful situation like the middle of a pennant race just weeks after having a pacemaker installed. And I don't believe his Doctors will sign ok it either. Way too much possible liability issues involved.
  15. Every time I totally bury this team they come back to life and make me look like a fool. If it ain't broke don't fix it so I guess I will continue to give up on them. But seriously what a great gut check kind of win. And I'm really starting to like the looks of Romy as the permanent 2B. That was a huge pressure 2 strike hit he delivered.
  16. Pathetic performance offensively tonight. No excuse. Pitching was good enough. Just shows once again that this team has no chance of making the playoffs. They are exactly what their record says. Any other Division and they are already eliminated.
  17. This would be so much the 2022 White Sox to score 14 one night and get no hit the next by the Oakland friggen A's.
  18. The Sox will quickly remind you why they are only a .500 team. They have to hope they can at least split this series and hope the Twins can win their next two.
  19. This is looking like whoever scores 3 will win this.
  20. We all knew the Sox would struggle to score tonight after all the runs last night. It has been that way all season. They are going to have to find a way to grind this out. And Gio and the BP are going to have to keep it close.
  21. Why beat around the bush. Just tell us what you really feel about TLR.
  22. Can Romy be this teams every day 2B? He looks like he can be a good enough hitter and has legit pop in his bat. And he is only 26, just coming in to his prime years physically. The question is can he be an above average fielder?
  23. Moncada has all the tools to be great. The question is does he want to be.
  24. For the love of all that is good do not bring TLR back.
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