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  1. I am 65. Lifelong Sox fan. I'm as pissed off about this season and this GM hire as anyone. But you don't just stop being a fan of a team you have loved your whole life. I will give Getz a chance to show who he is and what he can do. But there better be noticeable positive changes very quickly.
  2. JR is pushing 90 yrs old. He is not changing or caring about anyone else opinion. That is how 99% of old people are. They aren't interested at all in any kind of change. He is definately looking to sell the team and he was forced to fire RH and KW because he was convinced that keeping them would not allow him to get the maximum amount of money for the team. And money rules his world. If this Getz hire comes about all Sox fans need to cancel season tickets if they have them. They need to not support the team in any way until JR is no longer the owner. I'm a life long Sox fan. It will be hard and it will suck. But I'm done supporting an owner who could care less about me as a fan and could care less about winning.
  3. Hire Theo Epstein and give him complete control. Pay him whatever it takes.
  4. Now go after Aaron Boone as soon as the Yankees let him go!
  5. Aaron Boone will be available soon.
  6. Keep it up boys! one more loss towards that coveted 100 loss season.
  7. Grifol said he knows what good culture looks like. How? Where? The KC Royals?
  8. It doesn't matter what RH says about anything. He is as big a part of the problem as anyone or anything. Same can be said about KW and JR. Until they are all gone nothing with the Sox will change. The friggen culture can't change until all the current leadership is gone.
  9. We all know this. All you have had to do is watch this team the last 2 years to see that Eloy and Moncada are lazy players who are constantly hurt. That Grandal is washed up and can barely move behind the plate anymore. This is why it is more than frustrating for us Sox fans. It is and has been obvious.
  10. This is front page on ESPN.com. He isn't saying anything most of us have been saying for awhile now. The lousy culture and lack of any leadership are the the biggest problems in the Sox organization. The new manager was supposed to help change this but he doesn't have the personality or experience to do it. The players are walking all over him just like they did with TLR. You need rules and you need your players to make sure they are followed. I'm a huge Michigan State BB fan and their coach Tom Izzo always says that when your best players are your hardest workers then the rest of the team will follow. When have the Sox had that? Losing has just become acceptable. When have any of the players come out and said dammit I'm sick of losing! No one says anything. TA, Moncada, Vaughn, Jimenez, Robert, Cease, not one of them is a strong voice and or a leader. Hopefully this article will expose the Sox for the joke of an organization they are and just maybe force some positive change. At least we can hope. Because without hope what is there?
  11. I'm sorry but as long as RH is making these deals I will have no faith in them working out. He should of been fired after last season and for sure fired at the all star break. The fact he is still employed and making these deals tells you he will indeed be back next season.
  12. I love the White Sox but I hate absolutely everything about this team and FO right now. That's quite the conundrum.
  13. I have said it over and over. Owning this team is nothing more than an investment to JR. As long as the value of the team keeps going up he could care less if they win or lose. If he cared TLR would of never been hired and RH would of been fired after last season. We all know we as Sox fans are screwed until JR no longer owns any part of this team. And even then it will all depend on who takes over.
  14. That's crazy and so true. But that's the difference between one organization that has an owner who cares and has high expectations and another where the owner could care less and there are no expectations.
  15. Only 39 more to go to 100 losses. I have complete faith in this team getting it done.
  16. Neither Moncada or Eloy strike me as players that love the game and the grind. They aren't dedicated to getting in the best shape possible and wanting to be on the field every single game. The two things I absolutely want to see the rest of this season is Colas play every game in RF, and trading for a legit 2B. You have to find out if Colas is the guy or not and you have to fill the void at 2B that has been there forever. You then get yourself a great defensive catcher who can hit some HR's and you are suddenly strong up the middle which all good teams are. Also I don't trade TA unless I get an offer to good to pass up. I'm convinced all his issues are related to an injury and his off field nonsense and his marriage most likely being in shambles. He needs to get his head back right.
  17. If, and it's a big if, TA can get his head right and get back to who he is I would be very ok with Benintendi, TA, and Robert as the top 3 in the order heading in to next year. I'm ok with Vaughn at 1st its the next 5 that needs a total changeover. You have to get an everyday solid 2B and RF. If you think Colas is your RF then play him everyday the rest of the way this season and see if that is true or not. You then need to find a C who is great defensively and can hit you some HR's. I don' keep Moncada, Eloy, Grandal, Sheets. or Andrus. Yea you have to eat a crap load of salary if you can't trade them but you can't move ahead with any of these guys. And I don't know what you do with Burger. He is such an easy guy to root for and he plays really hard. You need guys like that on your team. Like I have said you have to change the culture on this team. No more guys who are hurt all the time or don't bust their butts playing hard. Look at the Braves. The first 4 in their order are playing every day. You need guys that love the game and hate to lose. Give me a team full of those guys.
  18. What do you do with Eloy? I mean the guy is the definition of injury prone. You can't even put him at DH because he gets hurt just running to 1st. You have Moncada as well who can't stay on the field. I don't know what you do with the two of them.
  19. This is just an awful baseball team full of players who have no pride whatsoever.
  20. Look for Kopech to go back on the IL right after the game.
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