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  1. Just out of curiosity, how many people believe that he would be the same player if he played for the Sox? Personally, I am dubious.
  2. For all his faults, and there are many, it seems obvious to me that the problems with this team go way beyond TLR. IIRC, next year starts the balanced schedule too. So, no more "beating up on the AL Central" anymore. The window is just about closed already.
  3. Elvis made 14.25 million this year from Oakland. I understand that he won't be getting anything close to that from anyone next year, but is 5 million a realistic number?
  4. I'm happy that they didn't make any ill-conceived moves in a season where they're kidding themselves if they believe they have a shot. However, I feel like standing pat is the worst possible outcome. It's just another lost opportunity to change the makeup of the roster and possibly move players who might have been in demand. I would hope that they were at least listening on dealing from the current MLB roster.
  5. I think it's pretty safe to call Jose Abreu a fan favorite. He certainly is this fan's favorite player. My patience has worn very thin with Eloy. I wouldn't trade him for nothing, but I certainly wouldn't hesitate to dangle him and take a decent offer. He's a RHH (in a RHH heavy lineup) with OPS+ of 99 and 81 in the last two seasons, who will make 22.5 million over the next two years, can't stay healthy and is an absolute butcher on defense when he is healthy. Reduce the 1B/DH glut, plus it might be a wake up call to some of the other players too.
  6. I have tickets to tonight's game. What's the best way to stay on top of any rain-out announcements? Twitter? The forecast just seems to keep getting worse. Looks like rain until about 10pm.
  7. Eloy = DH with a courtesy runner.
  8. (sigh) No more 12K 10BB games to look forward to anymore.
  9. The Physics of a Curveball Physicists would argue that the late break is an illusion. That there are no forces that could account for such an abrupt change in the Magnus Effect. In fact the slowing forward velocity and rotation due to drag should decrease the effect.
  10. You didn't "cast doubt". You essentially called him a liar. Learn the difference. I don't have any idea if it happened and neither do you. You come across as such an arrogant ass.
  11. Well, it's not beyond belief that a person wouldn't want to have their 80th birthday bash in the middle of covid. Maybe they feel better about the situation and decided to have it now. Why not in July, you ask? Well, with so many baseball people involved in it, it's also reasonable to think that they would wait until after the World Series. Didn't that just end? No MLB manager would say those things in the media. How they talk in person off the record, I have no idea. Apparently, TLR and Sammy Hagar have some history: https://fullinbloom.com/sammy-hagar-tony-la-russa-showing-me-how-to-throw-a-baseball-properly-flashback-friday-2007/ https://patch.com/california/walnutcreek/calendar/event/20210311/995064/tony-la-russa-s-arf-stars-to-rescue-virtual-2021-walnut-creek "Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) once again brings a dynamic mix of talent with the 30th annual Stars to the Rescue, this time in an all-new virtual format. "This year’s star-studded show features musicians and comedians from the past 29 years of Stars to the Rescue for a special reunion special, including Gloria Estefan, Luke Combs, Trace Adkins, Sammy Hagar & The Circle, Bruce Hornsby, The Doobie Brothers, and more! " Maybe the guy offered to buy him a beer and didn't realize that SW wasn't serving beer. Or, maybe he offered to buy him a beer after they got off the plane. Or maybe he's just one of those people who seem to reflexively offer to buy people beer to be friendly. But once again we will defer to your omniscience and ability to definitively make claims after being presented with only shreds of evidence.
  12. So, at these low interest rates, we're really talking about $1k/wk on the entire $100 million. Hardly a reason to hold back people's money. And I seriously doubt you'd get much more interest for having a large sum. Bank's are awash in cash. I don't think they really even want it.
  13. 0.05% per day compounded daily? That's over 20% per year. (1.0005)^365-1 ~ 0.2. I need to get the name of your bank. 0.05%/yr compounded daily, that's more like $50k/yr or about $1k/wk.
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