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  1. And Jose Abreu is a -1.1 WAR after 51 ABs and a -22 OPS+.
  2. Jose Abreu currently has a -7 OPS+. I can't recall ever seeing a negative OPS+ in my life.
  3. Do we have confirmation on the corresponding move yet? I find it hard to believe ILoy is ready, already.
  4. Lololol I literally just read the new propaganda piece from Merkin with the headline "With warrior mentality, Eloy pushes forward" then cruised over here to find out he just hit the IL. Somebody put this clown show franchise in a body bag already.
  5. Yep, two of the more frustrating guys I've ever watched. Moncada looks like a different guy so far this season on the effort front, shame he decided to coast through his tenure here and will never reach his full potential. Robert at least appears to try, but goes through such brutal stretches where he looks lost and caught in between. Hopefully Robert figures it out here soon and goes on a run, guy is quite fun to watch when he's locked in.
  6. What's maddening about this is he appears to be taking breaking pitches away much better so far this season, but now can't catch up to the heaters over the plate.
  7. Yeah, I more meant it like some uber rich team that doesn't really need Soto will get him and the rich will continue to get richer while the Sox further fade into obscurity.
  8. I can't wait until the Dodgers pay Soto $600M to DH for 10-12 years. There are no quick fixes on the FA horizon even if Jerry wanted to spend money, it's probably time to get serious about trading Robert.
  9. Did Fletcher even put wood on a pitch this weekend? He looked like he wouldn't be able to get a fungo around on low to mid 90's heaters...Woof.
  10. Does this not show him getting worse with every pitch, or am I too dumb to read this properly?
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