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  1. hahaha yeah, somehow I have to believe 1 of those teams is still the Sox, hell they didn't let a little legal matter factor in to their manager hiring so, why not?
  2. Yanks have solid 2B options, can plant LeMahieu back there every day, shift Pereza over when Volpe is ready to take over SS. I could see them moving Gleyber while his stock is up after a good year. Hard to believe dudes only 25 still.
  3. Agreed, just limits the teams that will be in on him. Some Twitter comments out there about attaching Liam to Yaz to dump his salary, now fully convinced that is the FO plan to make room for Salvy Perez's shitty deal.
  4. Only 2 guys in the league with a higher AAV at the position, 1 being Diaz, who is younger and better than Liam. There's very little if any surplus value in my humble opinion.
  5. Liam's contract is basically exactly market, it's difficult to imagine someone giving up decent controllable talent for a 34 year old closer with an elbow hanging by a thread signed to a market deal. Unless they're absolutely desperate for a closer I suppose.
  6. Haha actually just fired it up on a recent flight, it holds up well.
  7. Can we have one of their young middle infielders now at least?
  8. Hahaha well at least we found some common ground today.
  9. It's tough to argue that, and DD clearly know what he's doing. Honestly part of my disdain for this deal probably relates to never being a fan of a big market franchise that acts like one.
  10. So by this logic, I'm not allowed to be upset that our owner spent money on Joe Kelly and Leury Garcia?
  11. Could be, or they could pull a 2017-2022 Chicago Cubs with a bunch of albatross contracts and have a decade of nuclear winter baseball.
  12. I'm the other Jose hater on this board, just slightly less vehemently than Ron.
  13. I'm ok with it RayRay, if we all agreed here what would be the point?
  14. Except he's a currently a below average defensive SS and will be playing 2B for about 80% of this contract. Sure, he fills an immediate need for the Phils and makes them legit WS contenders and a video game lineup, which will be fun. I just sense pain in years 4-10 of that deal.
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