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  1. If CPD backtracks on their 8/28 statement, Jerry needs to be investigated and ideally arrested for bribing a public official. It's clear as day the shot(s) came from inside the park, but hey, it's the Chicago way.
  2. The only hope I cling to is Jerry is clearing out the old guard and anybody that makes money to avoid any potential albatross on or off field personnel that may hinder a sale of the team in the next 3-5 years. During that time frame I expect nothing but pain and a redux of the "The Kids Can Play!" era.
  3. We’re seriously at this level of cope? TA lost the fight because Jose had batting gloves on? A quick product search tells me Franklin batting gloves are less than 1 mm thick.
  4. ah yeah, it’s us fans that are the problem and not the clown that flicks them off and throws hands, wild take
  5. This I believe the rumor was they entertained talks for a short period and Lucas wanted $125-$150M and the Sox were closer to $50M so they didn't even bother discussing further.
  6. Elvis has to lead the league in balls called strikes on him this year, it’s really something
  7. and the last long term viable 2B to play in this organization sadly
  8. I think he can still be a very good, but not elite hitter. His baseball savant numbers are interesting. Still hitting the ball hard, he historically has struggled with sliders and mashed fastballs, in 2023 he's got a 7 run value on sliders, but -3 on 4 seamers. BABIP is the lowest of his career thus far, I still have some hope he can be more consistent. If he's a .250-.270 guy with 25-30 HRs and 70-100 RBI's I'm fine with that, but it would be better if he learned to draw some walks. Those numbers aren't going to thrill the folks with the lofty expectations of the 3rd overall pick however.
  9. MJ should buy the Sox out of spite now, could he be any worse an owner than JR?
  10. The Dodgers active payroll goes from about $229M in '23 to about $110M in '24. Difficult to imagine he lands anywhere else.
  11. I think MLB needs to take a serious look at the "Driveline" school and those like it and what they are doing to pitchers. They claim they work in proper mechanics, but the weighted ball training and focus on velocity and spin probably has a correlation to increased arm injuries. The flip side to that argument is modern medicine has allowed a larger swath of players to continue playing, whereas back before modern TJS if you blew out your elbow you were done for life, so only the genetic freaks were able to have long sustained careers. Now we have more talent, but more injury prone players making the bigs.
  12. Ugh man, forgot about that rumor. Was it Madrigal and Crochet and then they wanted Vaughn and that killed the deal, or am I misremembering?
  13. Yeah that seemed like a miss there. 28 years old, woulda been worth a shot. Wonder if his covid policy breaking antics with Clevinger weighed into that decision.
  14. somebody needs to teach him to watch the fielders in addition to the ball
  15. I know it's not the be all end all so take it for what it's worth, but Baseball Trade Values website had TA in May '23 as a 46.0 trade value, today he is rated at 5.7.
  16. He's looked stiff as hell the last few weeks, I'll give him a shred of credit for trying to gut it out but this is probably for the best with the record and the way Jake is swinging it. Just hope he doesn't need surgery, he looked like he was swinging pretty free and easy in the Houston series to start the season, hadn't seen him look that limber/strong in a long time.
  17. Lol, this squad is really filled with some of the most unlikable losers in my life. Other than Burger, the only guys I find myself really pulling for are Vaughn, Romy, Santos, and Middleton...and Liam
  18. Not to beat a dead horse here, but I know how fWAR works, my point was about 43% of Luis's fWAR comes from his glove over his career, for TA it's closer to 13%. Compare TA to LF's (where he belongs) and I doubt he'd be #3 on your chart.
  19. he’s in elite company, min 100 ab leaders
  20. and Luis is in the HOF because of his glove, TAs value is only that high in your chart because the organization lets him play a position he has no business playing, but that a whole other argument.
  21. The Sox are one of the most miserable franchises to ever exist in any sport, they have a .503 winning % in the time frame of your graphic, comparing them against themselves is a tallest midget award. But the fact that a journeyman SS that never made a single All Star game is 2 slots above TA kinda proves my point, not yours. And IDGAF what Mike Trout thinks about the dude, I've can guarantee I've watched way more of TA's career than he has. Using fWAR for all eligible/qualified SS's from 2016-today, Tim ranks 13th in the league in fWAR per game in that time span, right between Javier Baez and Willy Adames. He's a league average SS at best and getting worse by the minute.
  22. I guess we have different definitions of "exciting." I don't find the bat flipping or on field altercations to be exciting, or be anything of value. Baseball is a grind, you mentioned 5 instances, 5 instances of flash does not make somebody a good or exciting baseball player. Sure, the FOD moment was a top 5 White Sox moment of the last 20 years, but at the end of the day it was a walk off HR in a regular season game. Batting titles are great, but even when he was winning them he was never "great." He's finished in the top 10 of MVP voting one time. He's always been, and always will be, a 1 dimensional player that relies on unsustainable BABIP to provide even average value at his position. I like my SS's to have enough energy to get rid of the ball on routine plays in a timely manner, save the swagger until after you've won anything ever. I think Tim had promise, enough promise that a lot of people like yourself confused it with ability and excitement, but that ship has long sailed and Tim's career is looking more and more like a bust every day.
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