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  1. Yeah just hit me the Twins are still in the SS hunt. Would be nice if it wasn't the Cubs and Twins, LA couldn't possibly expect Hahn to be willing to trade TA to either of those squads.
  2. Our Chuck just said on his podcast last week that Robert just bought a $12M home in Miami, hopefully he didn't just go house poor.
  3. The theory is it's more than just LA in on TA and Hahn believes he has greater return leverage if he waits until Correa and Swanson sign, but If Correa goes to SF and Swanson to the Cubs, I'm not sure who the other team(s) would be that Hahn is playing LA against for Tim's services.
  4. Tim "liked" that Tweet that says he'll be in another uniform one day.
  5. Wow, this might actually be going down huh? Appears he un-liked that tweet already FWIW
  6. yeah, this is a perfectly fine addition that makes sense, do it already RH.
  7. Yeah, Seby is fine as a part time guy, the problem is the corpse currently slotted in as the starter.
  8. Hahaha, I just meant not sure if the Greek chef is getting his intel from the same dude that is the source of mine. The guy giving this intel is aware of Soxtalk, and I was personally asked not to share this stuff like 2-3 months ago via my good buddy, who is the middle man sharing the intel of said source with me.
  9. Couldn't agree more, it's not Judge's fault and nothing against him, seems like a helluva dude, he deserves better than to have this crap connected to him. Funny you mention the FOD game, I didn't realize how much I hated the on screen zone until they didn't have it up for that game, less distracting to the eye, give me the K zone after the fact, but during live play it's super distracting to me and takes my attention away from the hitter and pitcher. One thing that Hawk said has always stuck with me, watch the player not the ball, really hard for me to do that with the zone on screen.
  10. Hearing the waiting on the big SS names to land to test the TA market theory is legit, editing to say this source has been accurate before, but it is thru a guy I've never met so, grain of salt as always.
  11. does Adam Duvall have anything left in the tank?
  12. Unless they're the same source, I'm hearing independent confirmation on the same stuff Greek Paul is alluding to the last couple days.
  13. This stuff is all so annoying. Don't want to speak for anybody else, but I feel like stats are part of what makes baseball great and interesting. It just seems to be a perpetual cycle in the MLB that guys are not on even or fair playing fields, which makes the numbers a whole heck of a lot less useful or meaningful, frustrating at best.
  14. Curious if the Padres are in on that too, they wanted Turner and clearly want to upgrade SS defense and move Tatis to the OF and protect his shoulder. Correa fixes that immediately.
  15. Any idea if Busch can actually play 2B, or is he more a 1B type in the long run?
  16. I've actually heard similar rumblings for a few months now that some big names will be moved, was asked by my friend with the contact to not mention anything here, but seems like the cat is outta the bag now.
  17. Well it certainly felt like way more balls than normal died on the warning track for the 2022 Chicago White Sox, maybe Jay Cuda can run some numbers on that.
  18. I can't wait to have a seat at the 2024 Machado table.
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