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  1. Wonder if we will ever be excited for a new season again
  2. Game tying hit and diving play to end the game Still pissed we traded him away
  3. Just keep doing deeper and deeper dives Chris. Maybe eventually you will hit the Titanic
  4. We will continue to fight for 6th-8th place in the East
  5. Thank god we are hiring outside. I am surprised some agreed to work under someone who isn't even qualified for a GM job
  6. Jerry saying he knows how the fans feel is real rich. He clearly doesn't know or he wouldn't of hired from within
  7. Getz could end up being the second coming of god but it wouldn't matter, the process and decision making from Jerry is just wrong
  8. Why is this organization so depressing?
  9. Why do we feel like we have to change s%*# every time we get a player
  10. Might sound dark but I am surprised some crazy Sox fan hasn't assassinated Jerry at this point. He makes this fanbase miserable and gives zero fucks
  11. Nobody better in the game making nothing sound so good.
  12. If Jerry is the one doing interviews and hiring he is going to pick from people he knows. No way he interviews guys from other organizations that he has zero connection too
  13. Bob knows how to rain on a parade real quick
  14. First, fire everyone in the front office and start over then find a manager
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