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  1. Players that people on the this board like and talk about trading for
  2. If you guys don't recognize we are signing Adam Frazier for 2B/OF you are blind
  3. I am already disappointed. Can't get disappointed if you stay disappointed
  4. You must have forgotten about Leury Garcia
  5. Eh, not a fan of all the older guys. Was hoping for younger blood
  6. I can't believe he was with us for 9 seasons, it doesn't seem that long. But he was a legend, gave it his all every time, and tried to have fun even when we sucked.
  7. So is this the Cueto replacement in the rotation? Really would like a lefty in the rotation
  8. Really good with his hands and thinks outside the box
  9. Just spend money you cheap bastard
  10. Could see it on his face in the middle of the year
  11. 5-6 to start the year. Glad we didn't do anything to find a real PF and a couple shooters
  12. Yep, much better. Was hoping he would tell Eloy he wants him to step up and be a leader on the team this year
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