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  1. For the love of God please..... Those 2 suck
  2. He was bad this series. Robert was just as bad. Benintendi is over payed bum, sosa has no business being on a mlb roster, and Andrus is washed. Moncada and Anderson are always hurt. Welcome to White sox baseball.....same ole s%*#, different year.
  3. This organization deserves every bit of this. These players pretty much suck. I feel bad for the fans like us who deserve much better for spending our money and time.
  4. I dont disagree with the idea that this team sucks but has nothing to do with how you wear your hat
  5. Can someone remind me why benentendi was give 4 years and 75 mil and many of you rejoiced. What does he do other than bat lefty?
  6. This is stupid. We are in 2023. Come on grandpa
  7. I'm going to apologize to Rick Renteria U were not the problem
  8. Someone want to discuss Robert's 0-6 with 25 base runners left on base? We suck
  9. Lenyn sosa is not a mlb level player right now. His AB's are that of a guy over matched and overwhelmed
  10. 1 walk in the whole game That is the key stat
  11. I'm at the game and kind of wishing I would wasted my money somewhere else.
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