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  1. Mocada has sucked for us and is a reason where we are...........BUT DAMN it i want him succeed . He has so much talent and is a wizard at 3rd. Here's to hope....... "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. — ."
  2. Mocada has sucked for us and is a reason where we are...........BUT DAMN it i want him succeed . He has so much talent and is a wizard at 3rd. Here's to hope.......
  3. I will go on record and say I do not want the Sox to trade Eloy. We will regret that trade. I know I am in the minority. You don't give away 27 year old sluggers who slug and hit for average. Im willing to ride with Eloy and willing to gamble that he will shake his injury woes.
  4. Appreciate Lucas. Hearing the news hit pretty hard last night as a fan because it wasn't suppose to be this way. So many expectations when we traded for him and with him being traded away it sunk in that 6 years of hope has turned into failure with seemingly no light at end. Sad
  5. This is such a bad take. Our farm system is bad also but our #2 would be Noah Schultz. If someone got our #2 prospect from a bad system would this be bad for the team. Judge the players.....not the system
  6. Top 65 prospect and that a catcher. I will take it.
  7. Anytime i think this team or organization can't sink low......they go lower
  8. I never want to see Joe Kelly pitch for white sox again I never want to see Lynn again
  9. I get the hate for this organization BUT part of the reason he is in "loser purgatory" is because of his 6+ era. Let's not forget that
  10. Of course...... Nice to see Yoan make solid contact
  11. I'm not saying I don't believe you but where are these rumors. I have heard assumptions but no real legit sources. If I'm missing something my bad
  12. I hate this team and they have brought me emotional distress BUT I want to win these 2 games v Cubs. Then they can lose the rest of the year .... .even split the 2 games in Wrigley
  13. Is The coward Rick going to speak to the media today or is he going to hide?
  14. Harold You are a gentleman who has some in roads with this organization. Are they are this dysfunctional? Is Hahn really this incompetent or have his hands been tied? Thanks in advance
  15. The hate for Grifol is misplaced because the other cowards are all hiding Kenny (i have always liked Kenny but he has hidden) Hahn Reinsdorf The real cowards! They are leading the slaughter of Grifol while they hide.
  16. This is a good question. Everything has to start from top down. If Harold is right then Hahn is gone and that is a start...... What is sad, I loved the moves that Hahn made when he was trying to rebuild. But he fucked up when didn't add the right pieces OR didn't do anything to supplement the rebuilding moves he made. Going forward...... I'm trading Lynn, any bullpen piece except Santos. I'm resigning Giolitto to a extension. With my starters being CEASE, GIO, KOPECH, OPEN, OPEN. I go sign or trade for 2 starters. After the trade frenzy I see what I have left in the bullpen and can make moves in off season to supplement. I listen on TA but if you don't get the value then you keep him. I sign or trade for a LEGIT RF. I sign or trade for a LEGIT catcher. If I can make find the C and RF then I leave remillard at 2nd. Line up....... Bennitendi TA ROBERT ELOY MONCADA/BURGER RF (OPEN) VAUGHN (Don't give up on this kid) CATCHER (OPEN) REMILLARD This only works if you find 2 starters of quality and and find a RF and Catcher that supplement this lineup by being guys who can work counts and Slug. Just my thoughts
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