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  1. No one grilled him. They continued to let him lie and get away with it. I wish someone had the balls to represent fans and ask real questions
  2. His brain is baseball mush right now. A trip to minors to work on his game and free his mind will do him wonders. BUT he plays for a s%*# organization who has no concept of how to help him. He is already broken but if they don't help this kid they will destroy his mlb career.
  3. I use to love Time Anderson UNTIL Tim Anderson destroyed Tim Anderson
  4. I appreciate the positive outlook BUT this is a dumpster fire. Not much, if any positives here if you have expectations of watching a winning team anytime soon. Getz thought he was really smart by signing low bargain players and having them create a culture and catch lightning in a bottle. His culture sucks because winning creates cultures!! They are a loser organization with a loser owner, a loser GM, and a loser manager, with losing players. They have lied too and cheated their fan base. There is not much hope going forward as most of their prospects are fringe prospects outside of Schultz, Montgomery, and maybe Ramos. They will not spend any money on real free agents and will continue to sign garbage guys like Benintendi and Maldonado. THIS SUCKS and hurts my soul as a White sox fan!!! F you Jerry!!!!
  5. Take out the old garbage from the garbage can and bring in a new bag which will be full of garbage in a day or two. This organization is the worst
  6. Always appreciate your insight BUT man are you off base here. This is Jerry F'ing Reinsdorf we are talking about. That cheap piece of 💩
  7. Get Luis healthy and playing at a high level again and then TRADE him for the best package you can get. I love Luis as a player but he will never be healthy. Last year was an outlier.
  8. f*** TLR f*** Jerry I don't owe them anything
  9. I'm making this less painful to watch this team by betting against them. I am starting 2 team parlays and leaving one spot open so I can bet against them the next day.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. Also, not playing Lee after he consistently has had good AB's
  11. Agreed.........this whole thing fell apart the minute they hired LaRusa. Not because Tony does not know baseball but because he was the wrong manager for this team. I am just saddened and miffed by the fact that Jerry just does not give a flying F about the state of the organization, the perception of the organization, and the Fans. I understand I should not be miffed by this but it boggles my mind that he could be this..... I thanked Jerry when we won in 2005. I thought he would keep the momentum going with this organization. He sat through the press conference last year when Kenny/Rick were fired and said "I owe it to the fans." Then proceeds to have Getz put this roster together. It infuriates me that I am a fan of this team. I try not to pay attention to this team but i don't know how not to pay attention. I have looked forward to summers and white sox baseball ever since I became a young fan in 83 BUT they have sucked the life out of my baseball fandom. I hate where this team is right now and I especially hate where this organization is right now. We are a laughing stock! Guys on radio like Parkins and Spiegel get their CUBBY CHUBBYS everyday making fun of the white sox. I hate it! I see no direction or hope of how this is going to improve going forward. We all were sold to be patient during the rebuild only to see a roster that is worse then the rebuild years. We have been lied to and taken advantage off as White Sox fans.
  12. What exactly is Chris Getz building? for now or the future? Ponder on that......... It means crap until the old man in the high castle doesn't croak
  13. Sorry fellas. I will not be posting here much if any as this is a dumpster fire that just makes me angry to watch and talk about. I am excusing myself from this organization until they decide they give a crap Much respect to all of you who come here daily and give your time, money, and effort to this organization and team.......I can't do it anymore.
  14. Great .......they kill you with their play on the field and no they want to kill you through diabetes
  15. The least excited I have been about baseball and white sox in my 35 years of watching baseball
  16. I hate this team already
  17. I hope Garrett has a great year and proves everyone wrong. He is one of the reasons I will watch this team this year
  18. I think Fedde may have a ceiling. the rest I agree........ One thing we do need to take into account is that Maldonado was brought here to work with the young pitching staff. He maybe whatever he is at this point in his career but he has always been a leader with his pitchers.
  19. I think some of us have lost our minds because we hate this organization so much
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