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  1. Pedro isn’t going anywhere while TLR is whispering in Jerry’s ear.
  2. So we had our RF throw himself on the ground for no reason. Errors on simple plays at 2nd and 3rd. The only thing Thorpe has to remember, the people playing kick the baseball are not going to be here in the long run.
  3. Wait choking up? You think people do this?
  4. They don’t develop defense in the whitesox farm.
  5. We have to find another term because the corpseball teams look like the 27 yankees compared to this group of replacement players we are rolling out there.
  6. Are you telling me that this eyewash boxing routine he did in the offseason didnt help condition the man. I am shocked. https://fb.watch/rhV6bu1_4P/
  7. Remember that the man behind the man sent Dansby Swanson the the Braves for Shelby Duncan. He and Hawk come from the same clothe of talent evaluation.
  8. Travel Baseball has made strides in the last 15 years in the Midwest for quality of baseball. Indianapolis hosts quite a bit of very good amateur travel tournaments. The Indiana Bulls, Canes Midwest amongst a laundry list of programs that are out of that area. A lot of these teams are of a good quality and compete in the same tournaments that the powerhouse orgs do across the board. The AABC, the Cincy Flames tournament in Cincy, Kernels in Iowa, lots of great baseball outside of just playing at PG/PBR in Georgia. The only one that is completely different is Jupiter in the fall or the Area Code games. Those are basically allstar games.
  9. They can hold on to their positional prospects. thats fine. They will also likely make first round exits for a while until they draft or acquire ToR pitching. This idea of we will give you junk and you will give us your cost controlled pitcher for a few years for free isnt going to work.
  10. When this fucker takes his permanent dirt nap the party that will erupt between the Bulls and Sox fans will be amazing.
  11. The only thing that is going to make the White Sox better.
  12. Getsy was interviewed and the questions were specific about getting the most out of Justin Fields as part of his main responsibility. Get the most out of the #1 asset they had at the time. The reason was, we remember Nagy trying to make Trubisky to do "his" offense. We have seen the best version of Justin be successful with moving out of the pocket, and using play action to setup passes. Getsy changes and gets conservative at times, especially later in the game moving away from things that are successful. Getsy wants Aaron Rodgers or an Aaron Rodgers clone to run his system. Its obviously this year that Getsy feels that his system is the system and that the QBs need to work within his framework. If he had stated this in his interview, he doesn't get the job. Just like if Nagy did the same he wouldn't of gotten the job. In a. year Getsy will be back to being a QB coach dreaming of his next opportunity. Getsy is a horrible play caller. He is stubborn and obviously arrogant. He might be the worst OC that we have hired in the last 30 years. Remember, GB had their OC get a HC job and the backup guy I believe went with him. So this was the #3 guy who didn't have any play calling experience. What a bad hire. Next year we will have another QB. And this cycle will reset. Because the organization is allergic to hiring people with experience.
  13. I just keep checking the obits for good news.
  14. https://x.com/JayCuda/status/1722322832124731725?s=20 Looks like he spends a lot of money on Ticket Sales and not things that can actually make the team better.
  15. Jacob Nix seems to have helped set this up on Trevor as well. Go get the bag? This seems to be part of the story that isnt getting enough press. Human beings by nature can be nefarious. This is why we need to allow for the courts time to do their thing. Social media has changed society to a the person is guilty all the time because first impressions hit hard. Evidence and the presumption of innocence and a trial by either a judge or jury is the hallmark of American judice prudence. Sure he could of been guilty. And if he was launch him into the center of the sun. But he wasnt. A few things. She should go to prison if this is true. She basically destroyed this mans legacy and career trying to grift money from his bank account. She used sex instead of a gun. Whats the difference. She has done more harm to women with this than anything. Jacob Nix should get his name dragged though the mud. The dodgers and MLB need to reinstate Bauer and pay him back pay for his contract. Whether a team signs him or not is up to them. They did this and he wasnt charged by the p0lice and it was a civil matter. She was a sketchy person at best with this and things kind of came out to put her story in doubt pretty early. They also are not consistent with domestic abuse. We have seen plenty of domestic abusers get less of a strict penalty than Bauer did. The Dodgers didnt want to deal with the pollical fallout but still wanted the money back. So it seems that they got a gift. Well the Union should be asking for the money now and for full reinstatement. Not liking a guy is an interesting thing. It can skew our perceptions. There are plenty of pieces of s%*# that you have all cheered for. Humanity and the character is sometimes a product of the marketing of the player. Sometimes its real sometimes its not. There is no difference between these entertainers and the Hollywood types. They are not role models. They are entertainment. Thats it.
  16. just checked. Nope nothing in the obituaries telling me that this is going to get fixed anytime soon.
  17. ^^^THIS!!!!!^^^ The front office that enabled this is gone. There is no trade debt anymore. The money for him runs out next year and there are no guarentees after next year. If he suddenly becomes a great player then we know he is just motivated by money. It wasn't injury or covid it was conviction. Let someone else pay him then, because he will revert the minute he gets the bag again. There has been plenty of players who have suddenly turned it on during their walk year and then reverted.
  18. And to hire some dinosaur scouts that are unemployed because they don't believe in analytics. So basically everyone in the baseball room during the Moneyball movie that were let go by the As and probably ex-St. Louis guys who are friendly with the DUI pirate.
  19. Such a stupid team. So he believes in flat earth huh. His advisor hired a vet to run analytics and we attempted to put his pitching coaches son through a udemy course in statistics.
  20. Quero is gone. Grifol has his catcher for the next 5 years coming from KC. They will ride his dead corpse at C and have Selby as the backup. The muppet corpse running the show behind the scenes traded Dansby Swanson for his old pitching coaches kid. Whatever is in the minors is going to be traded for major leaguers. They wont spend.
  21. Diamond Jerry and his bargain basement garbage picking. I hope you are going sooner than later. You are a cancer to Chicago and might go down as the worst owner in the history of the town.
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