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  1. Grandal trying to get that early October tee time going.
  2. Yoan not even trying to keep the ball in the infield with what is on the line. What a fucking asshole.
  3. Well I expect that style of baseball at a local little league in house game with 9 year olds. Not professionals.
  4. The blame goes to the owner. This mess didnt sneak up on us. He enabled all of this. The employment for life crap plus hiring his ancient goofy friend to steer this into the toliet.
  5. Why the f*** was the infield in. Its 1 out. Corners up, MIF at double play depth. Coming in gave them the runner at 2nd and no double play.
  6. Joe "Throwing Strikes is optional" Diekman
  7. Jesus fucking christ, a neck high wild pitch away.
  8. Great Leury Garcia has entered the game in the field. f***.
  9. Reylo for 1inning was bad. He could of went two.
  10. they needed to sweep. 2 out of 3 is not enough. Any win by Cleveland gives them the tiebreaker. The clock is about to run out.
  11. And that is a wrap to the season right there. Thank you for Lambert in the 7th. Having Naylor drive in the game winner is fitting. That's the cherry on the turd sundae.
  12. Thank you Rick Hahn for this wonderful and expensive bullpen. You have done wonders for the fandom.
  13. So whats the point of this pitching lineup. We use Liam only one inning. Now Graveman and Reylo have pitched in a game we had Lambert pitch in the 7th.
  14. Now Gravemen warms. Why the f*** was Lambert pitching tonight.
  15. Most of Roberts ABs are not competitive.
  16. He is collecting sweat from the back of his hair and then he dabs the rosin. King of Juco showed a similar mixture with suntan lotion and rosin and it does improve your spin rate. Its not as good as spidertack, but it works.
  17. No, Cairo can overrule something insane if that's what is happening. Katz "So I have a great feeling about Lambert, lets warm him up after Cease" Cairo "No, that sounds stupid. Warm up Reylo" See
  18. Reylo is warming up now. f*** you Cairo. f*** you big time.
  19. Whomever thought, lets put in Lambert in the most important 7th inning of the year, should be unemployed tomorrow.
  20. You realize that if TLR doesn't come back they are very much going to make Cairo the manager. They are not going to look for another manager. That is not their way. Remember one of JR's requirements for a manager. Cheap.
  21. Abreu trying to chase the runner for some reason.
  22. White Sox strategy. Lets bring in the lefty who doesnt throw strikes because his dominant paw is lefty and we like matchups.
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