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  1. I wish I could have seen them play. My father absolutely loved them as I heard tons of stories, including the World Series played in a absurd football college football stadium which was a crime.
  2. I agree if Robert wants to steal 30 bases he can do easily. He is one of the fastest men in baseball, who also gets a great lead and quick start. I also hope he gets to 40 HR's, 40 2B which he is on target for, along with 30 SB. He would be only the 7th player in ML history to achieve that rare feat.
  3. I couldn't have said it any better about the biggest loser owner in baseball.
  4. I go to the one by me for certain things. I think their fruits and veggies are the best of all the grocery stores near me. Also good for certain meats. LOL!
  5. Wow, thanks for sharing this. Weren't those camps really expensive like close to $2000-$2500 for die-hard loyal men wanting their baseball fantasy played out? How dare this POS loser for getting into arguments with these guys who spent a ton of their hard earned money. The more I hear about stories like this, the more I loathe him.
  6. Absolutely it's on hos legacy. What JR did to unravel the Bulls dynasty is a travesty and yet he loves to take credit for the 6 titles, which he had nothing to do with.
  7. He actually wasn't that bad on Boston which is why Hahn traded Reese McGuire for him. You also mention Boston like he was there for awhile, when in fact, he only played there one year. You failed to name the other teams he played for where he had success like Oakland, Texas and Philadelphia. Maybe I should implore you to be more aware of other teams in baseball other than the Sox. I appreciate and respect you are a die-hard Sox fan which is fine, but you seem to be loyally blinded to a point of being a "homer", when others question your guys and certain inabilities compared to other teams. I like many other fans here, are just as damn loyal and die-hard as you, but that doesn't mean I or anyone else here, can't criticize the players, manager, coaches, owner and front office. That is what fans do instead of always justifying there is nothing wrong. Plus you are still taking the Diekman argument out of context and missing my point. I never mentioned anything about Boston. I simply told you how the Rays, who are a superior player development team versus the Sox, improved Diekman that Katz couldn't do. You still haven't explained that. Plus I am not going to play this game of you mentioning one or two pitchers that are better since coming to the Sox, because I can list tons of pitchers doing well on other teams after leaving the Sox. Yes you're right, Dylan Cease was a Cy Young runner up. Yet if Katz is the guru, why couldn't he get Dylan back to, or close to 2022 form...especially with his control issues. The bottom line is you think Katz is a stud pitching coach and I don't. We agree to disagree. But don't give me your condescending crap implying you know so much more than me or others here. I follow and read about baseball as much as you do, and I also actually played in high school and college. Some times we can agree to disagree, as my comments here are just as solid with facts and logic as yours.
  8. I'm not positive, but I think I read somewhere it's even worse when you compare the Sox to the Dodgers or Rays and some other teams besides the Cubs...for those FO baseball operations employees. Then again Jerry told us he knows best and he is so much smarter than all those other dumb owners.
  9. JR and RH's delusional thinking is a cesspool.
  10. You're right Robert is shy and will never be a big time extroverted leader. Yet that is totally fine. If this team had some real leaders guys like Vaughn and Robert wouldn't have to be forced to be leaders and they could just be good foot soldiers and teammates. I think both of them would do so much better around more talent and leaders. I just hope during Robert's time here, we don't waste it away and we surround him with some great players and leaders. Btw, I totally agree with you Robert has a chance to be one of greatest all-time Sox players. I think he has a chance this season to go 40 doubles, 40 home runs and 20 SB, which would make him one of only 6 players in MLB history to accomplish that.
  11. I posted that YouTube video you are referring to, on two separate occasions in this forum. You're right it was a joke based on his bold promises and commitments from Hahn and Grifol, compared to the harsh reality of Grifol and Hahn's actual accomplishments.
  12. You are completely missing the point on Diekman. It's not about him be valuable or just a middle reliever as you call him. The point is Katz and whatever pitching coaches the Sox have could not fix Diekman. The FO said he is done and washed up at 35 years old and DFA him. The Rays because they have a much more extensive support staff in their player development system in terms of research, coaches, analytics, etc, figured they would take a shot and maybe be able to tweak some things in Diekman. Whether you want to call Diekman a meaningless loser middle reliever, then go right ahead as that's your right. However he went from 7.96 ERA when he left the Sox to 3.96 in 8 weeks, by recording a 2.16 ERA with the Rays. I'm just curious why your guru Katz and his other coaches couldn't fix him?
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