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  1. I appreciate your humor and sarcasm, but sadly it's a nightmare trip down "memory lane" and reminding us what a POS loser Kenny Williams was and still is. One of Kenny's many genius moves in trading trading away Gio Gonzalez and Ryan Sweeney to the A's for Nick Swisher. To this day still considered one of the 5 worst trades in White Sox history. I cannot wait until this JR, KW and RH nightmare is gone!
  2. Well that what happens when the 38th richest man in the US Steve Cohen, owns the Mets and cares about winning and spending whatever insane amount of money it takes to attempt to attain that goal. It sucks as a Sox fan, because it's a luxury the Sox fans will never see, until this team is sold and the POS loser owner JR is gone!
  3. I'm happy for Jose, he deserves to finish his career with a winning organization that wants to compete for WS championships. I am also happy for Vaughn as now gets to play first base full time and hopefully the Sox can fix the two corner outfield positions.
  4. Well if Pedro had a lot to do with this modern day hire, then kudos to him and Pedro just might be a great manager for the Sox and change the direction of this team.
  5. Read the warning sign on Bauer: Beware of psycho nutjobs who are domestic violence abusers. They can be harmful and toxic to your clubhouse culture. Our team culture and attitude already needs major fixing, which hopefully Grifol will fix! Bauer however is not a solution to improve this team attitude and culture, regardless of his immense pitching talent.
  6. Normally they don't, but 2016 the year you are referring to, was an exception and aberration for the Sox front office and owner. That is now the infamous rebuild and tear down. Of course when you do a total rebuild as that Hahn deemed it, you trade all your top assets at their peak. Hence why Sale, Eaton and Quintana brought us what looked at the time, to be a good haul of players. As hindsight is always 20-20, it obviously has not worked out as well as it should have.
  7. Wow, I knew many of these things, but didn't know all the other sad and pathetic tidbits, which just further illustrates why this organization is so awful and clueless. This makes me even more depressed and sad that Reinsdorf is still the inept and uncaring owner of my favorite sports team. It's so unfair to the diehard and loyal Sox fans that has to once again, deal with Jerry Reinsdorf/Rick Hahn and their loser front office...that continue to play checkers when the other great baseball organizations are playing chess going into 2023! Thanks again for the story!
  8. Sad state of affairs. Sox sadly are going nowhere. Not sure what it will take to get the team to wake up. Simple answer: New owner and/or a new front office where they are competent, intelligent and actually know how to build a baseball championship organization! In others word, not until JR passes on and the team is sold.
  9. Good Riddance! He isn't worth the money! He is turning 35 in a month with declining numbers.
  10. If Hahn made great trades and put the team in a position to win as you say, then he needed to come through on his promise. He promised a championship caliber team and championship by now. The Sox are anything but that. I also don't agree that Hahn got us in that major "contention" window. The total responsibilities of Hahn as a general manager going back to his initial rebuild in 2016 were: 1. Make good trades selling off his top assets. Hindsight is 20/20, but I'm not convinced he made so many great trades. He definitely screwed up trades at the deadline. Furthermore, if they were such great trades, then why didn't they pan out? Of course there are a number of reasons they didn't pan out, such as a shitty manager and coaching staff, players not staying healthy. Again this was Hahn's responsibility to hire the right coaches and training, fitness and flexibility staff to make sure his team played more healthy and could reach their full potential. 2. Hire successful and productive free agents. There were several bad free agent signings. 3. Draft smart and well. I'm not so sure drafting Sheets #49 overall in 2017 and Vaughn #3 overall in 2019 were the best use of draft picks when we had Abreu still performing at a high level. 4. Hire a good manager (although this was not Hahn's fault as he did get stuck with the POS TLR. 5. Develop the farm system. It's currently ranked the 26th best farm system and that is definitely on Hahn In the end, no matter how you or anyone else justifies or debates this Sox rebuild, the fact is it hasn't been super successful, or most importantly...the rebuild results he promised!
  11. Hell f'ing no! Hahn also promised us a championship caliber team or championship by now? Like many of us have stated ad nauseam, Hahn should have been fired and not allowed to make this manager decision. His handling of the 2016 rebuild has thus far been a total debacle, as we now enter 2023 in year 7 of this rebuild! Once again, I cannot wait until this pathetic and inept organization is sold and a new Sox owner takes over!
  12. Amazing how these ex-players who felt the Big Hurt was a prima-donna or douchebag, never had the balls to tell this to his face in the clubhouse. Instead they ignore the cardinal rule of team sports...that players keep the negative things inside the locker room and not open to the media and fans. It will always bother me that ex players who try to expose an ex-teammate for negative things, don't seem to understand to take the high road when being interviewed about a fellow past player. These ex-players are classless and total losers when they don't understand this simple adage: "Praise in Public and Criticize in Private!"
  13. Hopefully the new manager will simply sit Eloy down and have a positive meeting with him to educate him on the big overall team picture/goal to be a full time DH for the following reasons: 1. Playing left field is a huge liability to the team success because Eloy is a slow and poor defensive left fielder. 2. Playing left field versus DH, significantly raises the chance of him getting injured more often and being on the IL...which is a huge loss to the offense of the Sox. 3. Eloy needs drop the ego with his delusional idea that he is a top end competent left fielder. He needs mature and grow up and play where the manager feels he is most useful and needed. Sorry Eloy, but "the inmates don't run the asylum!"
  14. The day this team is sold and we get a new owner will be the greatest day in my Sox lifetime fandom, other than the 2005 World Series championship.
  15. If Ozzie was so coveted by other teams, he would have already been a manager in the last few years. Other than the Sox, I'm not so sure he is in high demand in the league.
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