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  1. All sound and excellent points. If most of the above points are met, then of course we can be a playoff team and WS contender. The biggest thing they need to do is get off to a huge successful start and let the momentum build. As far as the no shifting rule and how it will affect the Sox. I personally think the Sox will do better because it. Grandal for one, made a lot of hard outs only because they shifted on him. This year many of those hits will now be singles. As we know, the Sox hit a a lot of groundballs for outs. Many of them were in the shifted infield. Of course none of us know what will happen this year due to the non shifts, but it's my opinion we won't be hurt by it as much as other clubs.
  2. Big was the criteria just as the original poster stated. He called Eloy big at 6'4" 240 lbs. and that was the reason he was always injured with his pulled muscles. As a result, I posted players who have the similar size and weight and played a pretty full season unlike Eloy's pathetic 84 games.
  3. Hoskins wasn't done for the season last year and played 156 games to Eloy's 84 games.
  4. First of all they weren't all first baseman. Secondly the poster made the claim that the reason Eloy gets injured so often is because of pulled muscles that all big men seem to have. I was establishing the fact that being a big and/or tall baseball player has nothing to do with getting injured.. As a result I wanted to show the fact that tons of big men play close to full seasons. Plus Eloy's injuries sometimes have been just running down the first base line. The players I listed also run down the line often and obviously stay healthy and played a more extensive season than Eloy ever has.
  5. You could not be more incorrect on stretching can decrease speed and power. Go watch the world class track sprinters at world class events and see how much they stretch. Btw, if you ever went to a game when Abreu played for us, his stretching before the game was quite extensive. He also was stretching before every at bat in the on deck circle. In fact all the baseball players on all teams stretch.
  6. That is a bunch of crap! Eloy has a lot of problems with pulled muscles but it's not because he is a big man. Not all big men have these issues. Playing more games is a matter of training properly in the off season and stretching properly every game. This means proper stretching not only before the game, but throughout the entire game. Eloy is is 6'4" 240 lbs and played in only 84 games in 2022. Let's compare Eloy to the other "Big Men" in baseball from the 2022 season: Matt Olson 6'5" - 225 lbs - 162 games 100% Pete Alonso 6'3" - 245 lbs - 160 games 99% Vladimir Guerrero 6'2" - 245 lbs - 160 games 99% Freddie Freeman 6'2" - 220 lbs - 159 games 98% Austin Riley 6'3" - 240 lbs - 158 games 98% Jose Abreu 6'3" - 235 lbs - 157 games 97% Aaron Judge 6'7" - 282 lbs - 157 games 97% Nathaniel Lowe 6'4" - 220 lbs - 157 games 97% Shohei Ohtani 6'4" - 210 lbs - 157 games 97% Rhys Hoskins 6'4" - 245lbs - 156 games 96% Eloy Jimenez 6'4" - 240 lbs - 84 games 52%
  7. There are not any reports posted that specifically tell you how many players have collectively played in 82% of their games since 2018. If there are I can't find them. However I can give you an idea of how many players played 82% of their games in each year since 2018: YEAR 82% of MLB Games Played (133 games) 2018 145 players 2019 128 players 2020 150 players (60 games) 2021 128 players 2022 122 players Several of the White Sox players should be setting their standards much higher and trying to achieve over 90% or more of their games played. Looking at the MLB in just the 2021 and 2022 seasons, players playing over 90% of their games: 90% (146 games) 2021 71 players 2022 65 players 95% (154 games) 2021 29 players 2022 27 players 98-100% (158-162 games) 2021 18 players 2022 13 players Note, the Houston Astros who won the WS title last year had 6 players play over 82% of their games and 3 players play over 95%, as opposed to the White Sox who only had 3 players over 82% and only one player (Abreu) over 95% of the games played. The top three Sox returning players for games played last year are: Vaughn 134 games Sheets 124 games Moncada 104 games The bottom line is heading into 2023, if the Sox are going to be successful and be a playoff contender, which we all hope happens, then they cannot have the players below playing in the amount of games that they played last season: Moncada 104 games 64% Grandal 99 games 61% Robert 98 games 61% Jimenez 84 games 52% Anderson 79 games 49%
  8. Moncada playing in 581 games of 708 possible games since the 2018 season isn't that great to be honest. Whether you want to call Yoan soft or injury prone, his ability to play daily games often since 2018 is a far cry from some of the more durable MLB players since 2018. The league leaders who have played in over 90% of their possible games since 2018: Player Games % of total games Freddie Freeman 698 .985 Marcus Semien 697 .984 Paul Goldschmidt 686 .968 Whit Merrifield 667 .942 Tre Turner 651 .919 Francisco Lindor 647 .913 Dansby Swanson 641 .905 Comparing Yoan to Eloy, Anderson, Robert or Grandal and making him seem like a warrior is irrelevant and ridiculous. We already know the White Sox players are probably the most injured team in baseball. Hence why the front office keeps replacing the training staff members. We should not be concerned about comparing Moncada to other often injured Sox players and giving him some "A" grade for playing 82% of his possible games....as compared to his teammates who are always constantly injured as well. I think Moncada and all Sox players should be compared to the ML players high standards of durability that play over 90% as mentioned above. Btw, if WE were to use 2019-2022 or 2020-2022 the above over 90 percent list is even larger.
  9. You're right and unfortunately for Sox fans, until the uncaring and demented POS owner and his pathetic loser executives RH and KW are gone, the Sox will never learn from the successful organizations in how to build a WS contender.
  10. So very true, but only under our POS loser owner could a GM like Hahn keep his job with the horrendous job he did with the infamous rebuild now going on 7 years. Most quality and smart owners by now would have fired Hahn's ass!
  11. By now this demented POS owner must finally realize to some degree, it was a huge debacle hiring his drunk buddy. However Reinsdorf as we all know, has a massive arrogant ego and would never admit his insanely stupid decision to the fans. media or probably even his family. Sadly if Reinsdorf doesn't truly see what a colossal f*** up hiring TLR was, then it clearly solidifies that this dysfunctional organization will always be a joke and never a winning WS team as long this POS man owns this team.
  12. It's a state of mind for these pitchers and once they get used to it, they will make the necessary adjustments and be fine. Pitching quickly wasn't a problem for Mark Buehrle or Greg Maddux to name a few...and they were always very healthy.
  13. So true and pathetic that it has come to this! Sadly this Mantra won't change until the team is sold and the Three Stooges JR, RH and KW are gone!
  14. I don't need to be careful or worried. In fact I wish for a new owner more than ever now. It's kind of hilarious you would be even hint that new owner could be worse than the POS Reinsdorf. If indeed you are supporting Reinsdorf and implying a new owner could possibly be worse than Reinsdorf, then you clearly have not been following closely the demise of this team.
  15. Three simple reasons: Demented loser owner JR who doesn't give a s%*#! Worthless Kenny Williams. Incompetent POS GM Rick Hahn
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