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  1. The kid is new to pro ball. I highly doubt he is all of a sudden changing things. They did something similar when they drafted Fulmer as well. The sox have a history of trying to jack with a guys mechanics.
  2. Zero chance that Getz is decent. This is horrible.
  3. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/parkins-spiegel-show/id396927404?i=1000625481791 This is a depressing depressing interview with Bob Nightengale. Chris Getz with Dayton Moore reporting to him. Chris Getz is the single decision maker.
  4. Moving this to the correct thread.
  5. Didnt he trade away Dansby Swanson for one of the Duncan boys. He didnt do a good job at the top of an organization. He scouting our minor leagues is scary. I can see it now. That Colson guy is too tall to be a SS, you should trade him for X pitcher that my guy Dave Duncan said is a sure fired cant miss stud.
  6. I am curious on who was going to be our first pick if Hahn didnt get involved.
  7. On the score they are saying that TLR was in Jerrys ear on this and that is why they were fired. That Tony is currently scouting our minor leagues ( probably to see who he wants to keep or trade away ). If Tony is the puppet in the back, we are screwed.
  8. The man is poison plain and simple. The worst sports owner in Chicago history. Now we are just counting out the days when he either sells the team or takes his dirt nap. Get fucked JR.
  9. Why are we as an organization in love with the Royals. They have been the toliet of the division except for what 2 years.
  10. Not worried about that. We have done the internal hires before. It didn't work out.
  11. What a piece of crap KW was. f*** that guy.
  12. If Hahn is out, Getz probably gets the next shot. They are not going outside the organization to find talent. The only other thing is TLR or Buddy Bell would come in to help the new GM figure things. out. The only change that is going to truly impact the team is when Jerry is no longer the owner. The team is a piggy bank for him and his investors. When he is gone that is when the team will be able to sold.
  13. How about the idiot above Hahn and his nepotism hire of a son running around in player development.
  14. Internal Interviews Kenny "JR, I could of done a better job than this Rick guy. There are plenty of former Indians or players I coveted in the 2010's that are still bouncing around. We can reload with that and make a run. And if we need a player we have this new farm system to trade away from. I can get some major leaguers for these guys. Put me back in charge" TLR "Jerry, huh. Meh, You need to get more ex-cardinals on the payroll. If we picked up a certain ex-cardinal manager instead of this KC guy we win the division. My analytics guy and vet says we can do better with the players we have. He did the computations on his calculator" Getz "Lets get more Royals players. We can do this on a cheaper payroll and hopefully we can get it right for once"
  15. I dont understand this. Great so if your brother in law got into a fight and the fight was 1 on 1 and he lost you would jump in with friends to finish it. That seems about right. Some of us played baseball above the little league level. My college teammates are some of my best friends to this day. My brothers. Some of which played in the minors. I had 3 stand up in my wedding. One of which is my sons godfather. We must of missed the memo on if a one on one fight goes bad to attack in a group to finish it. Or that it was like tag team wrestling and we were allowed to sub in. During any bench clearing fights the entire point of being out there was to prevent exactly what you are talking about. To prevent people from ganging up or to the point taking cheap shots. The players separated the individuals involved and then it settled. Now granted someone was more likely to get a ball in the ribs the day after. But for the most part it cleared up. At no point was it like some sort of 1950s scene where we had a multiplayer brawl on the field, attacking people in groups. The struggle, the long practices, the many years playing together, and the competition that is what breeds the brotherhood. Not because the infield could hold down the offending guy while the first baseman worked him over. Maybe they can fight like its anchorman.
  16. I don't care that he got into a fight. Its stupid but whatever. But when you put your hands up and start to take swings sometimes they swing back. The entire point of everyone going out there is to help to make sure that your player is protected and no one is cheap shotting them. I guess the Meathead Couch Potato Tough guy contingent of Sox fans wanted 4 players to hold down Ramirez while TA got to throw flying elbows until he was all tuckered out. This is a baseball game. A fight happened. The fight was between two combatants. who both squared up and had equal ability to strike and to win. Fighting is not a group sport. Thank you for my Ted Talk.
  17. He challenged him with a finger in his face. Good lord are you soft. The first one to put up their fists was Timmy. Timmy got in a few punches and then got clocked. This is not a "I had to defend myself or it was fight or flight. Timmy decided that he wanted to fight. And he got one. So the plan here is, if I get into a fight that I throw the first punch and I start to lose. Jump him with the rest of the team. LOL. Now you would be singing a different tune if Timmy knocked out Ramirez with one of his 3 punches. If that happened would it been fine for Cleveland to jump him in mass.
  18. Well this is great. Now if something happens and either the Diamondbacks or the Dodgers get goofy and escalate a fight, many of their players will have lengthy suspensions. Because their reaction will not be organic. Its rehearsed.
  19. He iant vampire and he isn't immortal so eventually time will take care of this.
  20. Reinsdorf is tone deaf to these sorts of tactics. So you are going to punish him by putting more money into his and his investors pockets. Wow that will show him. You know when this will all go away. When he is no longer the owner of the team. That is it. Billboards, signs, bags on heads, and attendance games mean nothing to him. JR is an managing investor trying to strip mine profits from the team for him and his investors. Thats it.
  21. Stop carrying water for the org. Rick Hahn will agree with anything that paints him in any light besides incompetent. The reason these people were traded was due to the fact that they had expiring contracts. Lets not act like this was some sort of forward movement to save the clubhouse when it was to extract value from diminishing resources in a lost year.
  22. No. No more ex-players with zero experience.
  23. Kenny is back in charge. So the smoke around them trying to get Sandy is probably correct. Sandy would fit a Kenny type of player. Grifol will want to bring in his guy to set culture. And they are probably not firing Grifol. Thats not their way. So they will double down and pick Grifols guys to shape the team in his image and hope for the best.
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