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  1. So the new GM is a piece of s%*#. Great. Well he can tell the story of he once was a GM after this disaster of an owner takes his permanent dirt nap and no one will hire him.
  2. Great a greedy self serving man who looks at your team like a piggy bank and thinks how can he transfer your money into his wallet made a joke. f*** him.
  3. That means they can trade some of that talent they just acquired at the deadline for some stiffs and bums on their last legs. A 20 year old catcher isn't needed when you plan on running Sandy out there 6 days a week. Imagine the bums you can get for Colson. He is 87 and doesn't care about the future. He will burn it all to the ground hoping for lighting in a bottle. f*** him.
  4. Wait till we trade prospects for Pedros assistant coach at C. The Royals. They are actually patterning themselves after the Royals. This is a stupid stupid organization.
  5. Eat a dick JR. He was a corpse and sucked at his job. Just like you suck as an owner.
  6. Hopefully JR is having lunch in hell with Bill Wirtz sooner than later. Two assholes who fucked over the city for greed.
  7. He is 87. This will correct itself sooner than later. He might not want to sell. But also he isn't immortal. I can wait this out.
  8. The owners of the park would want a long term lease in 6 years. So that would lock them into a property for what 20 years. Do you think that the park is going to be great when the park is 50 years old.
  9. Sir you are talking about my money. We dont give away my money. We have prospects in the minors we could add as a sweetener to move this contract. Our new GM Getz hasnt beent through the training part about bundling our international trading dollars onto it as well.
  10. Of course it was. Its always about the dollars with this owner.
  11. The kid is new to pro ball. I highly doubt he is all of a sudden changing things. They did something similar when they drafted Fulmer as well. The sox have a history of trying to jack with a guys mechanics.
  12. Zero chance that Getz is decent. This is horrible.
  13. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/parkins-spiegel-show/id396927404?i=1000625481791 This is a depressing depressing interview with Bob Nightengale. Chris Getz with Dayton Moore reporting to him. Chris Getz is the single decision maker.
  14. Moving this to the correct thread.
  15. Didnt he trade away Dansby Swanson for one of the Duncan boys. He didnt do a good job at the top of an organization. He scouting our minor leagues is scary. I can see it now. That Colson guy is too tall to be a SS, you should trade him for X pitcher that my guy Dave Duncan said is a sure fired cant miss stud.
  16. I am curious on who was going to be our first pick if Hahn didnt get involved.
  17. On the score they are saying that TLR was in Jerrys ear on this and that is why they were fired. That Tony is currently scouting our minor leagues ( probably to see who he wants to keep or trade away ). If Tony is the puppet in the back, we are screwed.
  18. The man is poison plain and simple. The worst sports owner in Chicago history. Now we are just counting out the days when he either sells the team or takes his dirt nap. Get fucked JR.
  19. Why are we as an organization in love with the Royals. They have been the toliet of the division except for what 2 years.
  20. Not worried about that. We have done the internal hires before. It didn't work out.
  21. What a piece of crap KW was. f*** that guy.
  22. If Hahn is out, Getz probably gets the next shot. They are not going outside the organization to find talent. The only other thing is TLR or Buddy Bell would come in to help the new GM figure things. out. The only change that is going to truly impact the team is when Jerry is no longer the owner. The team is a piggy bank for him and his investors. When he is gone that is when the team will be able to sold.
  23. How about the idiot above Hahn and his nepotism hire of a son running around in player development.
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