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  1. He can start with getting the Dominos Pizza Tracker tied to Luis and Yoan’s iPhones
  2. Thanks. And I think Eguy would be an interesting to look at for 2B (assuming SD would consider trading him)
  3. Both slightly above average (using UZR and stolen bases)
  4. Trading those three would save $35mil. Turner I’m projecting 6/180 Eguy is the Padres fifth rated prospect and can play 2b/SS/3B. Martin is a buy low LH hitter who can provide outfield flexibility. He hits RH pitching well, average power, gets on base, etc.
  5. Trade Hendriks, TA, and Graveman. Sign Trea Turner. Trade for Sean Murphy and Eguy Rosario. Sign Clevinger Sign Dodger LH free agent Jason Martin to platoon in RF
  6. You can’t tell me our GMs have historically tried to buy low and sell high. Your example is when we intentionally decided to rebuild (correct decision!), I don’t think that was consistent with how they’ve thought about asset management. Whenever we’ve even mildly been in contention we’ve bought high (whether paying FAs for recent performance), and dumped low. The fact that we traded stars during a rebuild doesn’t negate our general history.
  7. This club never trades guys at peak value. We’re equivalent of a retail trader buying a stock at $100 and selling at $80. Then buying someone similar the next year for $100, rinse/repeat.
  8. Has anyone ever emailed with Hahn? Does he respond?
  9. Moncada can be the team Hostess for free agents!
  10. I like the idea of Bellinger but the dude’s first love is smoking pot. Combining him with a guy addicted to Dominos pizza (Moncada) might be risky.
  11. Hahn prob salivating over some Astros reliever coming off of a career year
  12. This offseason is depressing. I’m skeptical there’s a plan. If there is a plan, then I’m even more skeptical that they have the baseball minds/analysis to make good decisions. Even if they have a sound plan, I’m doubtful they can outmaneuver LA, NYY, TB, HOU, etc
  13. I don’t buy long COVID. I think he eats like s%*# and doesn’t train like a high level professional athlete.
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