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    Best White Sox news and talk anywhere!
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    Winning 2005 World Series, I attended final night game at Comiskey Park Sept. 30, 1990.
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    Nellie Fox, Frank Thomas and owner Bill Veeck

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  1. They should have listened to Bill Veeck many years ago when he tried to introduce the pitch clock.
  2. Great to have both Jason and Steve back in the booth!! Good news!!
  3. Thanks! I just saw the report today.
  4. And now Ray Herbert dies today.
  5. A lot of guys I grew up watching in the "good old days" have passed or are now. Memories.
  6. Time to clean house in the FO. One of the Reinsdorf kids might want to talk to their Dad.
  7. This White Sox organization could really use some new leadership and it starts at the top.
  8. Seems like it is going to be a "What - Me Worry" kind of year.
  9. The report I read said he would be Boston's starting CFer.
  10. I saw where Duvall signed with Boston for $7 mil for one year and that was too much for the White Sox. Sad!
  11. Yea, me too! I figured I was thrown off for being too quiet.
  12. Yea, knew it wouldn't happen but was hoping to see Varsho wearing A White Sox uniform this year. Oh well.
  13. I feel your pain and as well have become less active the longer I see how this organization operates. I think back to the days of Bill Veeck and smile.
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