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  1. He had a mental error and swung & fouled an 0-1 pitch when Luis had a running leadoff at 2nd and had the bag easy. Then the would be winning run never scored.
  2. If they are going to Sell high, Sell high for corner OF bats with pop.
  3. But Jerry won't pay Grifol to go away for pennies... https://x.com/JoePompliano/status/1803430499966132458
  4. Grifol is a real buzzkill for taking the kid out. What difference does a W/L make if he blows it at this point.
  5. Gavin Sheets is not an every day big leaguer. Give someone else a shot.
  6. Guessing Stone rides off into the sunset and Schriffen isn’t picked up by the new network.
  7. Kaplan said this morning he’s hearing Grifol has no more than 10 days left. Dead man walking.
  8. He’ll probably hit Maldonado in the 9th too 🤡
  9. Have to respect AJ Preller's cajones.
  10. Who is the mystery owner then? That is what this 1% Owner Paulie who called in to Kap & Hood opened the can of worms of.
  11. Getz is on a heater… https://x.com/mattgelb/status/1797992859427279038?s=46
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