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  1. Yeah I can read chief. Can you slugger?
  2. I don’t make assumptions slugger.
  3. I don’t think anyone is “all in” at the moment. Mickey mouse and daffy duck leading the pitching staff after Cease is gone won’t lead to much.
  4. There is no reason to burn the clock on Montgomery’s service clock immediately on a pretty much punted season. Let him get ready in AAA. If DeJong stinks, DFA. If DeJong turns it around, trade him for a flier. This is a zero risk 1 year stop gap at SS. Getz is making the right plays so far.
  5. The Antioch Illinois State Redbird DeJong and Naperville Lopez double play connection
  6. I don't know the answer to this question and hopefully someone else does. Was Eloy the most productive DH since the Sox had Adam Dunn? Maybe even back to the Thome days? The DH position has been a dumpster fire with this club.
  7. Eloy is productive when he is on the field. However, he is rarely on the field. Need someone who will play 145+ at the DH spot not 120, at best.
  8. The Braves have so much depth they can trade their scraps who will be starters elsewhere and the Braves don't even bat an eye doing it.
  9. bboyer@chisox.com Should be receiving e-mails from SoxTalk & Sox Twitter ASAP asking for his resignation from the organization. Whether this is a shot at JB’s “ego” or disability, that type of person is not one who should be employed.
  10. The CWS organization is a reality TV show actually
  11. Brooks Boyer seems like a piece of work
  12. Thoracic outlet syndrome. He’s probably done
  13. Sounds like Mike Monaco has been offered the job. Would be a great addition.
  14. Parkins always acts like his crap don't stink. Yelling into the microphone on your high horse doesn't make you better than anybody.
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