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  1. Mike Piazza, David Ortiz, and Ivan Rodriguez are already in, so the point is moot.
  2. This is everyone's yearly reminder that this exists. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/mockdraft/
  3. I'm not going to stand on my high horse. I don't mind the PED players being let in.
  4. Apparently, the source is not cheesy or beefy enough. Sorry folks.
  5. I enjoyed Black Panther 2. They handled Chadwick's death the best that they could.
  6. Take with grain of salt. But it was a Sox Machine person, Sox Machine has usually been straight about stuff. I mean, it's not like they're hot dogs or Italian Beef or anything.
  7. I saw a half hour ago that TB is now playing hardball by threatening to remove Glasnow and Lowe from the trade block.
  8. Seen on Twitter. https://twitter.com/soxmachine_josh/status/1591987289529671680?t=PdGb-17Wg1v9CZ_d2-LIZg&s=19 Take with a grain of salt. Lowe had a nice 2021, but regressed in 2022. Lefty power bat who can play 2b or LF and is 28. Concern is he has a low batting average tendency; which, for some reason, has been made worse in the past when players join the Sox.
  9. Kevin Conroy - The voice of the animated Batman, 66
  10. Original lead singer of Nazareth, Dan McCafferty, 76
  11. Rain held back so I took the kids out last night. Four houses gave out full-sized candy bars. Between the trunk or treats and last night, they each have almost 8 pounds of candy.
  12. I have a kindergartner who sleeps at 7:30 at night and I'd prefer he not be out walking in the dark with older kids and cars. We'll be out for about a half hour tonight, but once it gets dark, we're heading home.
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