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  1. I love the gray road unis, the black alternates, and the City Connects. The current uniform combos are their best ever. Always hated the '80s beach blanket unis, even more now that they're so overused. I REALLY hated the vests that I understand some posters love -- I call them the Ligue Jerseys. The Dick Allen reds, '68 blues, and Field of Dreams unis are all solid throwbacks.
  2. Agree. This uniform redesign just feels totally unnecessary. I thought the gold-lined letters they introduced just a few years back were unique and really great -- they really popped on the dark blue unis in particular. Not sure why they got rid of those so quickly. All the new options are fine, but a downgrade from their current unis imo. And the M looks like Miami as stated above.
  3. Yes, this is the kind of shakeup and infusion of youth that I could get behind.
  4. Really? I think it's a pretty conservative "shakeup" to just trade Crochet, Graveman, and Sheets.
  5. Well, they could get Rizzo, Bryant, Baez, and Schwarber and that wouldn't do it...
  6. That would be crazy if it was true, but it almost certainly isn't.
  7. Yes, I think it goes without saying that if you take a bad year and project every trend to continue indefinitely, you're going to see...other bad years. The Guardians, by the way, could have done the same after last season. I think people who are hopeful are assuming things will be better next year, as sometimes happens in baseball. Also, I just want to note that it's mindbending to see the identically-shaped and reasoned posts on the polar opposite ends of the spectrum just a year or so apart. Are you one of those people who phonebanked for Obama in '12 and stormed the Capitol in '21? 🙂
  8. The lineup is there largely because of Harrison (not on the team anymore) Abreu (likely not on the team anymore, and not exactly an aging “problem” last year anyway), and Andrus (likely not on the team anymore). Also Pollock, who is hardly figured to be a driver of this team’s success. This does not tell a meaningful story about this year’s team at all.
  9. You’ve done this “the Sox are old” thing before and it’s misleading. The Sox core is not old, and most of it pretty young. Grandal is showing his age, sure, but dragging up the “average age” with a bunch of peripheral players doesn’t really tell a meaningful story. There’s no requirement that we ding the Sox on *every* possible metric.
  10. I don't really think World Series rings or pennants are the kinds of *achievements that need scare quotes. Even if they date from the ancient mid- twenty- teens, before many posters even had iPhone 10s
  11. I must be missing the joke about this statement, which is objectively true
  12. It's weird reading about Grifol as someone who lacks championship experience over and over...Grifol won a WS with the Royals. That makes him the only serious candidate with a WS with his current org, no? Espada with Houston, Mendoza with Yankees, Long with Phillies, Quatraro with Rays, all no. (Well, I guess Washington won one with the Braves, maybe I'm missing another) It's also weird that the entire baseball world seems to have blocked the Royals back-to-back WS appearances only a few years ago out of their consciousness. I sometimes think they were a dream.
  13. Well, it's not TLR. And it's not Ozzie. And it's not some other incestuous, keep-it-in-the-organization hire that would have the hallmarks of a JR cramdown. In other words, this doesn't look like a ridiculous unforced error and seems to have come about as a result of a normal, wide-ranging interview process. I'm fine with this and am prepared to give the benefit of the doubt and hope for the best.
  14. Yeah, I don't disagree with that. I wouldn't let Ozzie within 100 yards of the organization. But we know JR (in the same breath he said Ozzie would never come back) said he feels enough loyalty toward Ozzie that he's recommended him for multiple jobs with other orgs. Add that to the many things I don't understand about how JR operates.
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