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  1. Wait until I tell you about the time Ozzie Guillen was the 2023 White Sox manager for a week. I gave up my season tickets over it!
  2. I was screaming from the stands when they brought Crochet in. The then-nervous Astros fans around me appreciated the advance heads up that they were about to blow a tight game open and seize control of the series, though.
  3. Yep. I was at game 2. That was the one I'll go to my grave believing we'd have won without TLR's horrendous decisionmaking.
  4. "...and now we'll hear from the Defense."
  5. Joey Gallo was a 4 WAR player in 2021, it's not like it's been forever since he's been productive. And he's 29. He wouldn't be my first choice by any stretch, but I'd be modestly excited if he was signed because I think the alternative is likely to be worse.
  6. Go to your proposed alternative teams' message boards and see how joyful they are. Yes, the Mets are super psyched on their team all the time, what with their zero championships in the last 40 yrs and all. You would have loved being out of the playoffs one season ago. Being a Sox fan sucks, but misery defines Soxtalk-level fans of almost all franchises.
  7. One year ago the #1 would be the Phillies. Do with that what you will.
  8. It seems like everyone has grasped the idea that Hahn deliberately says nothing when he speaks. But somehow that doesn't stop everyone from busting out their decoder rings and dissecting his every phrase when he does. For god's sake, the answer is always "drink more Ovaltine", people. We'll eventually learn what the Sox are up to, but it won't be through Hahn's press statements.
  9. Agreed. Way too many people are falling victim to the tendency to take the immediate past season and project it forward into eternity. Every baseball season is its own independent story. It's not that crazy for a team -- especially one with sufficient talent to have back-to-back playoff appearances -- to have a bad year and bounce back. But they absolutely need to add to/tinker with what they have if they want to have a shot.
  10. I was just joking - don't drag me into your thing
  11. Well, the November 30 renewal deadline came and went and I did not renew. I actually meant to, and maybe I'm just convincing myself after missing a deadline, but I'm totally fine with it. The playoff ticket eligibility advantages of my 20-game plan can, as others have mentioned, be largely matched by signing up for next year if the season turns out well, and I really won't miss the hassle associated with unloading tickets I inevitably can't use. Plus it's just so easy to walk up and buy tickets to just about any regular season game. So I guess the FO can blame a failure to sign a meaningful free agent bat on me.
  12. Criminally underrated, even by his own fan base. The consummate pro. The best thing to happen to the Sox since the WS. It absolutely kills me to see him sign with that lowlife franchise. He will be missed, and when he retires I'll probably get an Abreu jersey.
  13. Being on record as hating the idea of Jose in an Astros uniform for sentimental reasons...I will say that I find the resistance to this move a little puzzling since the prevailing sentiment on this board seems to be that we should be a "smarter," more progressive organization like the Rays, Guardians, etc. Well, this happens to be one time the Sox are acting like those orgs -- they are jettisoning an aging veteran because they managed to line up a cheap, capable replacement behind him. This will allow them to allocate resources where they're more needed (whether they actually *will* do that is another story.) It hurts, but face it, it's exactly the kind of move smart organizations make. Signing Abreu to a big deal because we love him is the meatball move.
  14. I get it (remember even the Astros have let multiple key players "walk" though undoubtedly did a better job replacing them than we will), but it will really suck watching one of my favorite White Sox of all-time join that gross franchise. Would have preferred anywhere else, even the Cubs.
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