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  1. They use a new type of security scanning system at Wrigley. It does not require removing small items from your pockets. I went to the Springsteen concert at Wrigley a few weeks ago and it does speed up the entry time. https://stadiumtechreport.com/feature/wrigley-field-adds-new-technology-for-security-concessions/
  2. The bulk of that $430 million is Soldier Field. As the article states the state added $43 million in 2003 for the major renovations (which were worth it!) and another $10 million for the sports bar & grill on 35th (probably not worth it). The Soldier Field renovations were Daley's second biggest blunder after the parking meter fiasco.
  3. Wintrust did make a offer but Guaranteed Rate beat it by adding in extra payments that would go to JR instead of the ISFA: https://chicagoagentmagazine.com/2016/09/01/guaranteed-rate-paid-white-sox-stadium-naming-rights/ More than mere naming rights Crain’s noted, though, that Guaranteed Rate’s deal with the Sox encompasses more than just naming rights. In addition, the lender signed a sponsorship agreement that covers “various branding, promotional and hospitality benefits, along with joint marketing opportunities,” according to a statement Crain’s cited; one such sponsorship the team has already promoted is the SoxFest convention in January.
  4. Any true White Sox fan would hate the team moving infinitely more than them losing. Constantly promoting the idea of moving the team is an insult to Sox fans who live in Chicago and the surrounding areas who actually go to the games. I've also noticed over the years that on this board and the old WSI site that its always Sox "fans" from out of state who never even go to a game are the ones who promote moving the team. If you hate the team that much then move on to another team.
  5. It looks like the land is about a mile west of NYNY and not far from the big In-N-Out burger. They still need to figure out how to pay for the new stadium but it sounds like pretty much a done deal. Will be fun seeing the Sox play in LV.
  6. It was not taxpayer funded. George Lucas was going to pay for everything. The Friends of the Park had it killed. It was one of the stupidest things to happen in the history of Chicago. https://chicagoreader.com/columns-opinion/friends-of-the-parks-saved-a-parking-lot-but-effectively-killed-the-lucas-museum/ Lucas is currently building it in LA. It will be done in 2025. Would have looked pretty good on the lakefront and brought in many tourist dollars. https://lucasmuseum.org/
  7. Tickets were not even needed for that game. You could trade in a soon to be destroyed disco album to get in. My friends older brother went and said the upper deck was shaking from being overloaded with people.
  8. I think Chicago can definitely support a second NFL team but from what I understand the Bears can block another team from moving to Chicago which they would most certainly do. George McCaskey must have been elated when the Cardinals left town. No more local competition for football fans.
  9. Which movie? The Hulu series is great. John Hamm is the voice of Iron Man.
  10. Interesting article about Bears ownership and NFL rules. NFL is the only league that does not allow corporate ownership or private equity investment. https://www.sportico.com/business/finance/2022/nfl-succession-plans-chicago-bears-mccaskey-1234687987/
  11. I just switched from satellite DTV after having it for 17 years to YouTube TV because they don't have a streaming service. You can watch DTV online using a browser but there is no streaming app for the satellite service. DirecTV Stream is a totally separate service. It used to be the AT&T TV streaming service. They just renamed it. I was able to use my DTV username and password to log into NFL Sunday Ticket and Redzone apps in the past so if you have that service and plan then that might still work.
  12. Looking forward to watching it. I read that it's based off of Mr. Beef on Orleans which is my favorite beef sandwich.
  13. I noticed that at some point last season the city was allowing the vendors outside the L stop on 35th selling water, pop, Gatorade, and peanuts to also sell beer and those little airline sized bottles of booze. They were out there again opening day. I think it was a $2 a beer. Not sure how long they will allow that to continue but it's a pretty good deal for some before game beers if you did not bring your own. The Sox also brought back the two drafts and a bleacher ticket but it is now $27. Still a good deal. https://www.mlb.com/whitesox/tickets/specials/bleachers-and-brews
  14. Bud/Goose Island/Revolution/Constellation Brands out and Miller/Coors back: https://www.chicagotribune.com/dining/drink/ct-food-white-sox-beer-guaranteed-rate-miller-lite-returns-tt-0329-20220329-jlx6hw4djjfzzlquy44zd4zqzy-story.html Goose Island will no longer be making White Sox golden ale which was not half bad so pick up a 12 pack if you can find one.
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