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  1. Obviously they need to move him, but I'd want a Kings ransom. I'd even risk holding on to him until the deadline, if need be. I have no doubt that he'll rebound.
  2. I wouldn't trade Cease for Atlanta's entire farm. We probably undervalue him. He's 1 year removed from finishing second in the Cy Young and still has ++ stuff.
  3. Whoever lines up AJ's beard is offending me even more. You're a millionaire AJ.
  4. Those teams sucked too. The specialized by getting their asses kicked by the Yankees, Twins and Indians.
  5. Definitely. This used to be one of my favorite sites. It's grown into something where people try to out emo each other. If we all admit that it sucks being a Sox fan, maybe we can start talking about baseball again.
  6. There is no big change. We traded assets for a ton of prospects and they didn't work out. We sucked then and we still suck. Why is it therapeutic to remind the rest of us that it sucks to suck? No fucking s%*#.
  7. Go root for Puig or Tatis or the Mets or the Royals or the Padres or whatever new pseudo hip flash in the pan. FFS.
  8. How many different ways does everyone want to say "We suck. Nobody cares and nobody is watching?" The Sox suck. They're the second team in the second city. The organization is atrocious. We have little hope for the future. Why in the f*** do you guys get off on repeating this? We already know. It's always been shitty being a Sox fan. Why in the f*** do Sox fans feel better about reminding the rest of us that we suck? You think you're ahead of the game in identifying that we're all fans of an irrelevant franchise? No s%*#. All of us already knew that. You think that you figured it out by noticing that other organizations use advanced analytics and the Sox don't? No fucking s%*#. We suck and always have.
  9. Gordon Beckham, the man whose best year, by far, was his rookie year, was brought up to soon.
  10. This just nutty conspiracy theory trash. MLB was all over Bauer - a better, much higher profile Cy Young winner. The league's incentive is to be dilligent in handling these matters. They're not going to cover up for Mike fucking Clevinger.
  11. People just say that because he's a POC. It's injuries, and always has been.
  12. Nobody has to "like Mike Clevinger." I sure as hell don't like Mike Clevinger, and I certainly don't encourage anybody else to. The OJ bit was predictable, and another logical fallacy.
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