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  1. Knowing the Astros organization, they probably administer the PED's themselves.
  2. 3 years seems crazy. He'll be like 48 years old.
  3. A. Hahn should be fired on the spot if he ever entertained this trade. B. Bellinger's shoulder is toast. He's done.
  4. WSI must be completely dead if Lip's moved the pity party over here permanently. Years ago, a lot of us migrated here to escape that.
  5. If they hire Ozzie I won't attend or watch a game.
  6. If they hire Ozzie I won't attend or watch a game.
  7. I realize this board only exists to collectively hate on every White Sox thing imaginable, but can we all take a second to recognize that Dylan is probably the best RH starter in the history of the franchise? Can we maybe take a second to celebrate that? The kid should be a White Sox legend. In his prime, he's better than Blackjack and he probably has the best repertoire of pitches in Sox history. He's just so incredibly nasty.
  8. It's absolutely Grandal and it's not close. You have to consider expectations and necessary value. Leury wasn't expected to do shit. Yaz was expected to be a big contributor.
  9. It's because he's such a handsome man. Sox fans have never gotten behind a good looking player. Remember the way Garland was treated?
  10. 4 pages without a "Kenny always gets his guy" post. Wtf, Soxtalk.
  11. I can't imagine spending so much time shitting on a White Sox player just to make a steroid cheat look better.
  12. The entirety of baseball hasn't had a superstar since Jeter.
  13. Ringworm is definitely one of the more creative excuses for PEDs.
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