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  1. Chone Figgins was a 22 WAR player with one season at 6.6.
  2. Robert is more athletic, but he's not a more naturally talented baseball player than Frank Thomas. Thomas is among the top 5 most gifted right handed hitters to ever pick up a bat.
  3. Against a LH off of a hanger. That's pure.
  4. Because we're multiple years from being competitive. If we can get prospects for relievers, it's a no brainer.
  5. Flexen and Kopech might also be building value.
  6. A couple of the kids have looked good and they're starting to have some tradeable assets eg Fedde, Leasure, Wilson. That's progress for the organization.
  7. He's a HS pick from Indiana. He's incredibly advanced for his pedigree. Give it some time. The kid is going to hit enough for any position.
  8. His wRC+ in May is 189 and his OPS is 1.148. WTF are you talking about?
  9. We have a better record than the Rockies. 😆
  10. Definitely not a fan of bringing Ramos up right now, but I have to wonder what's going on with Sosa and Colas for the Sox to give up on them.
  11. When he first came over, I remember everyone on this board jerking off to him doing pure ego exercises like trying to crow hop 110MPH on a flat surface and deadlifting 400 lbs.
  12. Rating exertion is something actual athletes are always asked to do. It's the basis for just about every strength training program that's ever been developed.
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