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  1. I take that as a sign he rested his arm over the break. He ended the season healthy, there’s no indication that hitting low 90’s now is a sign of anything negative.
  2. It seemed consistent with what the Oriole trolls were determining. The players they were adamant were not being moved, versus on the table, translated pretty much exactly to what Burnes cost.
  3. I’d prefer to reset offers for Cease at the deadline or even next year. The point is that an offer like Ortiz and Hall may be adequate for 1 year of Cease, although that’s certainly argumentative. To suggest Getz should take that for 2 years of Cease, because of the risk of his arm falling off, doesn’t make sense to me. It’s a risk but a calculated one.
  4. In that scenario, it makes sense due to Fletcher’s ability to play CF.
  5. There’s a far cry from a known #2 with 2 years control and hopefully, maybe #3 with 6 years of control.
  6. “But your ranking is your opinion… but saying they are currently better is just flat out wrong.” Example 4,378 of discounting others’ arguments as opinion but yours as fact.
  7. History also suggests Cy Young winners sign by now as well. Is Snell’s camp asking an absurd amount? Or is it another example of buyers trying to reset the market precedence?
  8. Speculative, we don’t know what’s been offered.
  9. True, but based on your logic, his offers suck for those options as well. I mean, it hasn’t happened, so therefore he is lowballing those potential deals.
  10. Getz would be equally smart to gamble on Cease than to accept a weak offer. Even if it doesn’t pan out, it’s the right move.
  11. Ortiz is a fine second piece for 1 year of Cease. Cease with 2 years essentially makes Ortiz the headliner for the second year. Not good enough.
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