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  1. Nah. I just thought it was hilarious how wrong you guys were and it entertains me to see you all twist yourself into a pretzel as to why this deal is so good even though 2 months ago you would have whined like a baby if it was suggested to you this would be the deal. All the s%*# you guys talked…you deserve it to be thrown back in your faces, just as we would have deserved it if you got the bigger deal you felt you would get.
  2. Does it give any of you pause that you have to rely on your development system in a big way for this deal to pay off?
  3. You had to take it. Too much potential and upside not to. It’s not a bad deal, it’s just not close to what most of you all said you wanted and would get.
  4. Yea some would have for sure. I’m amazed how many baseball fans really don’t think that highly of Cease. I saw a lot of talk on twitter from all fan bases. I had to defend him a lot to other Os fans. Some really think he’s a back end starter. It’s really head scratching to me, especially in this day and age of stat analysis and all the info at our disposal.
  5. I mean, it does suck but I don’t really think anyone who lives in the Chicago area, run by some of the dumbest people on the planet, really should be talking about other cities.
  6. Spot on. Something I said several times was to not get hung up on prospect rankings.
  7. I think you are overall correct on everything you said here. I agree that it’s fair….but that was always the point. The expectation many on here was “unfair” and that is what we kept trying to tell you. This came reflected what Cease has been for most of his career, outside of 2022 and that is what we always said the value was going to be.
  8. No top 25 guys? I’m shocked! Quantity over quality deal? I’m shocked! Received a ML player in the deal? I’m shocked! Didn’t get 2 top 100 guys(well FG has 2 of them, no one else I believe)? I’m shocked! This deal is absolutely not close to anything any of you wanted or said you would get. You all jumped on me when I said you weren’t getting Mayo or Basallo. “how do you know”. You jumped on me when I said you weren’t getting that level of prospect. Reports were the Os offered the WS the Burnes deal plus another player. Who knows who that player was. I felt Beavers was possible but it was a guess. I can you guys preferring this deal because of youth and some upside. No issues with that but this deal isn’t really better. It’s just different. Either way, i am glad you guys got to trade him and didn’t get stuck with an injury or something like that. Zavala is the key to the deal imo. Thorpe should be a solid but likely unspectacular starter but Zavala has real upside. Os have 4-5 similar offensive lottery tickets. I do wish the Os had stepped up and challenged this offer but Thorpe is higher profile, at least for now, than McDermott and Povich and they may have needed that guy in the deal. @Chicago White Sox I’m sure you aren’t happy but appreciate the conversation over on our board.
  9. Correct. And I agree he shouldn’t have headlined any deal for Cease.
  10. I have to say, I have appreciated your perspective on things. Have tried to steer people to your twitter account too. What is funny is how respected you seem to be by people on here yet none of them care what you have to say about all of this. It’s very odd. Anyway, good stuff.
  11. I’m not arguing..I’m discussing and they addressed me as well, so I’m not going to ignore them. Keep crying though. It’s about the only thing you can do.
  12. Well technically last year was his age 24 season, as baseball age is defined what you age up to July 1…he turned 25 a few weeks later. Btw, your point is well taken..maybe Madrigal is good at age 24…or maybe he’s not. Plenty of guys peak in their early 20s and decline after that and it’s not like his instruction was top notch either. Either way, it’s lazy to say they are the same, therefore Ortiz isn’t a good prospect or won’t be good.
  13. Ortiz right now only has MiL numbers. So, if you are going to compare the 2 players, which your board is trying to do, that is the set of data we have to go by. Whatever the reasons are, Madrigal wasn’t as good as Ortiz in the minors. Now, I don’t doubt they screwed him up. The Os did that for 25 years. But if you guys want to make the lazy comp, that’s what you have to go by. I don’t even disagree with what you are saying and I don’t believe you have been one of the people making that lazy comp but others are and that is the info you have to use, at least as part of the evaluation.
  14. Maybe but since many of you guys foolishly try to compare the 2, all things are on the table. If people weren’t some lazy in their evaluation, it wouldn’t be mentioned.
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