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  1. Did we at least get decent returns for them?
  2. Great, Lynn starting in Houston. What could go wrong??
  3. This would be great. I am hoping they don't open the season getting embarrassed in Houston. I am going to the game Friday and sitting behind home plate, I assume its going to be Giolito on the mound so I hope your prediction is right.
  4. It’s embarrassing considering what it could be
  5. Man gonna be tough to not have Burger on the roster somewhere for the bat
  6. Go look it up yourself asshole, I’m not getting into a pissing contest with you over shitty bears football.
  7. Lol now his report is fact? How about all the people reporting the past week about Brady coming out of retirement to play for Miami. Those were high profile names too. I guess that’s fact too huh?
  8. Buddy, I never said he wasn’t good. Also, you realize Justin Fields isn’t a good QB right? Can you delusional Bears fans stop pretending like DJ Moore is moving from trash to treasure.
  9. They swapped 1 for 9, that’s not gaining a first round pick. and even if you believe Moore is worth a first round pick, you can do a lot more with the actual draft capital than a player who has already been extended out of his rookie deal.
  10. They should have got more 1st round picks, not a late second this year and another 2nd in 2025. How you only acquire one 1st round pick when trading the 1st overall pick makes little sense to m
  11. 1,100 yards receiving is not all that impressive anymore when talking about WRs
  12. Look, it’s a good deal for the Bears when you consider they don’t need to draft a QB. I personally think it was a little light though.
  13. Guys, if DJ Moore had 1st/2nd round value he would have been traded at the deadline with mccaffrey
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