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  1. My advice to anyone here with a young kid they want to put in baseball is to have them learn to play catcher. It is the most important position at this age. Any kid that gets to first you might as well just let them go straight to third. Its impossible to throw them out stealing second because none of the pitchers can hold a runner and they all have slow deliveries. If you can get someone to block the ball and be able to make throws from catcher the third on those steal attempts it literally will eliminate multiple runs per game. My kid unfortunately is just scared of the ball so I can not get him to drop down and block the ball but man we have nailed a handful of runners at third that get too big of a lead and throwing straight from catcher to third to pick them off. If you can get your kid to block the ball and the arm is good, its pure gold for kid pitch little league. I would take someone like that over any other type of player.
  2. It feels like Espada turned them down. Not sure if that was ever verified.
  3. Yeah I made sure to explain to them before game started that just because your in RF doesn't mean you aren't good. Everyone has something to do on every play and each position is just as important as each other. That of course was just coach speak and I stuck the worst kid in RF straight away. Had to shuffle things a little bit when they were getting too much action.
  4. I know hiring someone from a winning organization isn't fool proof, but damn would it be nice to at least turn over that rock once in a while.
  5. I can recall one flyball going out to left field so far this season through 10 games. There have been about 5-6 out to right. Even the ground balls either go up the middle or to 2nd base. Everyone at this age is swinging late on 45-55 MPH pitches from 45 feet away.
  6. As someone who has been coaching 11-13 year olds for about 2 years now, this is a misconception. The majority of the balls I see get hit to RF because the majority of these kids all swing late. I use to think with the same mindset of stick the worst kid in RF but that was quickly proving to be costly. At least for the 11 year olds and up range.
  7. Here's whats real, this team absolutely sucks and 99% of the people on this board have had enough. Why is your expectation to come in and poke the bear and not get any kind of kickback for it? Then you shame all the people for rightfully being pissed about whats going on. Of course you are going catch a lot of strays now.
  8. I am pretty sure that no one here is having their personal life's ruined by the White Sox embarrassing and pathetic start to this season. Its probably because they can come here and b**** about it and let off steam instead of in their personal life's. There was really no reason at all the have a wait and see approach to this, every move they made has been terrible. It was easy to see the writing on the wall from a mile away. They were the worst team in spring training when other teams weren't even playing regulars. They have carried that momentum into literally the worst start imaginable. The pitching stinks, as expected. The hitting stinks, as expected. The same guys who get hurt every year are hurt again, as expected. There was literally nothing about this off-season that should have warranted a wait and see approach. Your favorite team said they couldn't afford to waste a year and were not going to rebuild. They lied to your face. Am I going to go and take it out on my wife and kids? No. Am I going to come on here and b**** about it with the rest of my fellow fans who are equally as pissed about this sad sack franchise, you betcha.
  9. Im not sure I would consider people complaining about the White Sox shitty product on a White Sox message board rage-weeping but I guess you can interpret it however you like.
  10. Calling Moncada and Jimenez stars is quite the stretch.
  11. Kopech is getting traded by the deadline and it feels like a certainty he’s a lights out reliever or a competent starter for whoever gets him.
  12. Unless I’m just misremembering, that would be the last White Sox manager to be legit fired in season. Almost 30 years ago.
  13. You can’t allow this to go on, even if the roster is ass. Something needs to be done to try and shake this up. It was funny for a while but now it’s really starting to look like this team won’t win 40 games. JR is a bad owner, but I don’t think even he can allow this to continue for too much longer.
  14. He’s probably over 40% on his K rate after tonight, he’s not good.
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