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  1. Even with Moncada, his last 28 days of .337 / .382 / .972 gives me some hope that maybe he can be good again and if so, hes a very trade-able asset at the deadline next season. But it would be so fitting to trade Moncada to KC for Perez while Moncada puts up a 5 WAR season and KC moves him for some high level prospect(s) at the deadline while we have Perez doing his best Grandal impression and on the books for 22 million in 2025.
  2. Perez realistically is on a 2 year $44 million dollar deal as a 34 year old catcher. I do think the worst thing we could do this off-season is either take on that entire commitment without trading anything of value OR take on even half of that commitment while also giving up something of value. Between Carlos Perez, Kory Lee, and Edgar Quero we have options at the catcher position for next year and beyond. There is no reason at all the bring in an overpaid under-performing catcher when we are going to need at minimum four starting pitchers just for the big league roster. The only way I could even stomach this move is the Royals covered the majority of the contract and took nothing in return, which, seems like a longshot as Balta pointed out earlier.
  3. Everyone should get a good look at the game today, this is what you're in store for next season. Unless of course by some miracle JR opens his checkbook up to sign four starting pitchers, were going to be running these bums out there everyday with the exception of Cease and even that has been looking questionable lately.
  4. I hope they trade Colson or Noah for him.
  5. Don’t worry, Clevinger is all they have the scrubs are out for the next 3-4 games
  6. It makes no sense to me at all why Sheets and Andrus continue to get starter playing time. Who cares if Sosa or Rodriguez hit .100 for the remaining handful of games, get them some experience and a good look at them at the MLB level.
  7. So we sent him down to play Gavin Sheets in RF the rest of the year, fuckin dumb
  8. Close, Tim Anderson is technically the WORST on this team by bWAR
  9. This is a fitting sentence for the majority of this roster, so sad.
  10. Man, that Chiefs team has no talent on that offense outside of Mahomes and Kelce. None of those guys looked good at all. I guess that's the price you pay when your QB takes up $40 million of cap space.
  11. I just went to go double check what I said to make sure I wasn't talking out of my ass and yeah, Toney dropped a wide open ball with room to run at the Detroit 35 yard line. If he just catches that and falls down, the Chiefs either score a TD or kill clock and kick a FG. Toney had an absolutely brutal game.
  12. The Lions won the game, but I would hardly say they looked like contenders. They scored 14 offensive points going against a mediocre defense who by the way was missing their best player. The Chiefs meanwhile were also missing their best offensive skill position player and SHOULD have won the game anyways if Kadarius Toney could catch a ball. I like Dan Campbell, hes a great motivator, but he makes some dumbass decisions. Going for it on 4th down at midfield at the end of the game there was just dumb. Again, if Toney catches a wide open ball the Chiefs win this game and your post is never made.
  13. So is it safe to assume you do not think Tim Anderson is on this team next season?
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