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  1. What if nothing is coming and Getz just instructed them to take scrappy underdogs to fill out his organizational vision
  2. Just because its baseball, it's incredibly difficult to be as bad as this team has been. Eventually, they'll win a few they really shouldn't have. It seems like we have had been on the wrong side of the majority of those situations so far. My guess is they win 20 and finish 47 - 115
  3. Even with how bad this team has been and is, I find it hard to imagine they only win 12 games the rest of the season.
  4. I know it doesn't mean a whole lot, but according to MLB.com every player they have drafted was either right at rank (Smith) or well before they were ranked.
  5. Well it’s that plus the exposure of college football and basketball the casual person knows what’s going on generally.
  6. They need to stop trying to make the MLB draft a thing. No one knows who any of these players are.
  7. They didn’t spend a premium pick on a 1B so I’m good.
  8. There is nothing, NOTHING, more disappointing than Jimenez becoming a colossal bust. I thought that guy was a for sure .300 30+ homer guy.
  9. My guess is Moncada comes back, isn’t moved, and plays 3B the rest of the year barring another injury.
  10. Its ridiculous. What you deem as an overpay may not be what someone else does. This is a good way to get some team to not even engage in talks when its possible they would have an offer they think is fair but you would think is a win or overpay.
  11. All it takes is for one team to see a talented player that can throw 100 MPH with control beyond this season. Guess we will find out soon.
  12. I also want to add putting it out there that you are only going to trade these guys if you "win" or someone "overpays" is dumb. That's a nice way to drive off interest.
  13. If Lance Lynn and Joe Kelly can return two young controllable MLB ready arms then Michael Kopech with an extra year of control should bring back something useful as well. A big help here is competition between other teams trying to get him, and much like last year you know teams are thinking if they can get the talented player they can adjust what the White Sox couldn't.
  14. If you erase the 3-22 start this team is still 24-46 They are, without a doubt, the worst team in baseball this season.
  15. I would bet that the return for Kopech is going to be much better than people think.
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