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  1. I think its safe to assume they felt they could have flipped him for prospects and quickly found out no one was interested in that so they had to take what they could get.
  2. They picked up the Kimbrel option with zero intent on keeping him, that's probably why. They also nitpicked with Giolito over 50K so none of this comes as a surprise.
  3. He really started to fold the last month of the season. If were going to spend 8-10 million on an arm for the back of the rotation I would rather go with the younger, upside player.
  4. Of course, im sure they think they are doing everything they can to win a title.
  5. The White Sox had a top 10 payroll last year and will again this year, they are serious about contending but that doesn't mean they are good at it.
  6. While this is true, they should have just declined the option to begin with
  7. Hes now on a fantasy football radio show on Sirius XM and hes horrible. I don't think he can even manage that team.
  8. Whats the likelihood the Sox approached him and said "Listen, if you opt in the plan is to use you as a 4th OFer / Backup" and he just wasn't interested in that?
  9. Ah man you mean going year to year with over the hill stopgap QB's wasn't a successful model??
  10. Lamar Jackson completed 66% of his passes in year 2 and threw 36 TD's. He was in a better situation for sure, but Fields is nowhere close to that breakout as of yet.
  11. Yeah, a win on the road in the NFL, I don't really have anything to complain about outside of our defense continuing to be brutal for large stretches in games. As an outsider, not impressed at all with Fields. He cant throw. He did great running, even set an NFL record, I will give you that. He can't make the throws, ultimately, that's going to be the downfall. My team won, that will always be a great Sunday for me.
  12. I watched a great game as a Dolphins fan. How about you?
  13. Fields sucks, that guy is not an NFL QB. He can’t throw accurately past 10 yards. If the dolphins D wasn’t garbage the game wouldn’t have been that close.
  14. Need some runs here while the Astros bats stay ice cold. Win tonight and it’s over as they’ll get to face the worst pitcher in World Series history next game.
  15. 2020 was an embarrassment all around in regards to how it played out. That's not typical.
  16. lol, that wasn't meant to be personal to you. Just an in general statement.
  17. This isn't the NFL, you don't have sham interviews with people who aren't actual candidates for your top coaching position. Some dork on a message board isn't the end all be all for information. Just because he doesn't think he will get the job doesn't make it any less concerning they went out of their way to say Ozzie isn't in consideration only to then interview him for said position. Its worrisome.
  18. I agree with everything you said, except for the Ozzie part. There is no reason, at all, he should have been interviewed or even considered for this job.
  19. There is also the benefit that you may become a candidate for the Manager position in the future when it opens up again.
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