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  1. Of course it was, but I asked him to elaborate on his weird comment and he chose not to so Ill just assume he was serious and move on.
  2. That's a pretty ridiculous take, even for you.
  3. What does this even mean? Are you suggesting they had some sort of domestic violence pact?
  4. I think the point is they shouldn't be relevant to a team like the White Sox (Market size, going for it, etc.) Spending $10 million on 2 players that are sunk costs shouldn't prevent a team that is all in from making moves to accomplish the ultimate goal, winning a championship.
  5. This is an odd subject, because technically the Blackhawks did nothing wrong to lose you as a fan, it was the people who currently own/run the team. If those people were to move on, would you be inclined to be a fan again?
  6. You have to imagine with a better coach and system he should rebound. Its very odd that a franchise level QB just falls off a cliff like that.
  7. It sounds like they only hired Hackett to lure Rodgers, but that didn't work out
  8. The difference is obviously Rodon has pitched 317 innings over the last 3 seasons (2 years of success, not 1) and Sale has pitched 47
  9. The Sox aren’t serious World Series contenders. It doesn't matter if they back into the playoffs in a weak division, they’re coming off a massively disappointing campaign with many of the same holes remaining that did last year. like I said earlier, as currently constructed they aren’t a threat to beat teams like Houston, New York, LA, etc. in a few 7 game series.
  10. This team as currently constructed are not World Series threats. They have enough to win the Central though.
  11. His 2022 is definitely the outlier of his career, so there's also that to consider.
  12. It would be pretty vomit inducing if the White Sox use Liam to acquire a mid-bat defensive catcher. Are there not a handful of these guys sitting in the free agent pool currently?
  13. I don't think that's an option at all. Again, why would the Sox entertain the idea of trading Liam if it wasn't purely to reduce payroll? There is no logical reason behind trading him and then spending his money on what, a 2nd baseman? Makes no sense. If hes traded, I think you see him go for prospects and his payroll isn't spent back into the MLB team.
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