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  1. Why not walk him and set up forces everywhere
  2. You get the lead and then walk the lead off man. Inexcusable
  3. Thank God they’re swinging at all those fast balls 6 inches high. I predict Cease will get it together next inning
  4. Guarantee if we don’t get those calls
  5. Even if the guardians win today, if we can get the sweep we will only be one game out but hold the tiebreaker advantage at that point.
  6. Imagine getting a lead off double 6 innings in a row and scoring 1 run. Ok, not so hard to imagine for a sox fan.
  7. Cant believe they didn’t send him. No way we make a good throw AND catch
  8. When was the last time we actually scored a run in the 10th? what is our extra inning record? It has to be terrible
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