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  1. Enough with the talk of the cities paying for new stadiums. Its a grift. If an owner wants to build a new stadium go ahead.
  2. Marias/kimski/pizza fried chicken ice cream is great. One place lots of variety.
  3. Starters will still be starters. Their is a reason elite/good/average/below average pitchers are starters. Are you going to take cease out in the 3rd inning? Degrom? And the whole host of others? Starters are consistent and thrive on that. The volatility of pitchers only going 2 innings nixes that alone. Their will always be starting pitchers who's goal is to be good enough to go 9.
  4. It's an episode of the rehearsal. Building an elaborate stage for the real 2022 season. Coming to a theater near you.
  5. He would have been safe sliding feet first into a blocked base? Stop talking about Lou Brock. Of course he slid feet first. Everyone did then, it wasn't because "that was the safe and sound way" it was because no one really thought to slide head first before.
  6. Ricky Henderson has 1400 stolen bases and probably slid head first 90% of the time? And again you don't slide into second trying to steal a base spikes up. You are more than likely going to be out doing that. So sure go make an out for the point of sending some message that won't even matter.
  7. Sliding head first is faster and creates different opportunities to avoid a tag. You don't go in spikes high trying to steal a base. "go in spikes up maybe next time the defense will think about it". No they won't. Get a stolen base attempt every 2-3 games? Should change the rule and make it just like home plate. Their has to be a lane, can't block the base sliding in.
  8. A 3 and a half fwar player last year in what 100 games? Never worth that money. Hindsight kick rocks.
  9. Yes take out all the "bonus" aka value of being a cather and they are the same. It's very clear something is wrong with Grandals lower half. If he broke down that quickly it sucks. He's no Adam Dunn.
  10. Fall on the sword so he can get himself away from whatever this is.
  11. At least you showed your true colors early. Seems like you spend more time coming up with tired homophobic/transphobic bullshit so you can vent on the forum. Go see a therapist so you can start to get some inner peace.
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