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  1. Remember, 6-man rotations. You should be able to get a reasonable guess once we figure out his day of the week. That breaks down as the season goes on, though. But they’ve also really babied his arm; I’m not sure if they’ll take kid gloves off all the way next year or not. He would routinely skip a turn after almost every start by the end of last season. I want to see Koshien too, even if it’s just the Tigers. But the HS tourney would be a cool experience. Tokyo Dome is neat; the stadium is pretty meh/outdated but they built a whole mall/complex around it, so it’s a pretty cool hang if that’s the vibe you’re looking for. I haven’t been to Chiba, but it’s out by the airport so that could be a good last stop if it lines up. Check Yokohamas schedule, too. That’s a quick train ride and technically on the suburban network.
  2. Murakami, from what I’ve heard, just signed a three year deal that guaranteed a posting at the end, so that’s put him coming over at 25, too. It’s always possible he talks them into letting him go sooner, but I find it hard to expect anyone to come before 25 under the current MLB international “amateur”rules. He’s been better than expected at third, but it’s just passable. I can’t see that surviving once he loses even a step. I think he’s a 1B/DH over here by the time he comes. Im a little worried about him long-term, tbh. He’s elite, but he’s extremely polished. He’s a high plate discipline pure slugger, so it’s hard to project any upside, and so you just have to wonder how he’ll long he can hold his peak as he ages. It’s a classic “old player skills” situation. But we’ll see. I’m rooting for him.
  3. Kondo is an excellent hitter, he’s actually really similar to Yoshida as a player except he has a lot less pop. A slightly better defender, but also injury prone. Tetsuto Yamada is never coming. He reached unrestricted free agency a couple years ago and signed like a seven-year deal to stay in Tokyo. He was weighing coming to MLB then, but according to every report I’ve seen he decided to move past it. As far as relievers, rumors are that Eagles closer Yuki Matsui may be posted after the season. He’s a lefty with a wipeout slider and a decent splitter, sits low 90s and touches mid. I don’t know if he’s a closer over here but I think he’s going to be a useful reliever for sure. If you’re going to be in Tokyo I’d highly suggest trying to see the Swallows at Meiji Jingu stadium. It’s a historic relic that is scheduled to be torn down soon, so I’d get there while you can. Yamamoto is the one to watch right now. Sasaki isn’t like to come for another 3 years at least.
  4. As much as I’d absolutely love the Sox to end up with an NPB star at some point, the a white Sox specifically needed a left-handed outfielder who can actually play the field, and that’s what Benintendi is. Yoshida is a lefty and is by far the best hitter, but he’s a borderline DH. I think the Red Sox evaluated the opportunity to minimize that impact well in their weird, short LF. But the White Sox literally played two first basemen in the OF and their good CF is injury prone. They needed a dude who can cover some ground. Suzuki has the most upside of the group, but he comes with the most risk and is right-handed. The handedness is the least important piece, though. I also think he is the style of personality/has a track record of managing his own improvement, which is the only type of positional talent that ever finds a way to succeed in the Sox organization. But he still probably wouldn’t become as good with this org as he would with an average one, so it’s hard to make the case the Sox won’t get more out of benintendi. As an NPB stan, it pains me. But I think the Sox got the right guy for their needs, even though both the others may play better where they are.
  5. Right but Eloy is the one blocking his ABs. Unless you want to relegate Vaughn to a weak-side platoon, Sheets has to play over actual OF Colas (also a lefty) or pinch hit to get playing time, and I just think he should never be on the outfield grass. I’m excited about him as an injury fill-in at 1B/DH, but until that need arises, why not put him in Charlotte, you know?
  6. I just don’t want him playing the outfield, I guess, and maybe (probably) I’m buying too much into Haseley’s swing change but I feel like both him and Marisnick are fine as actual bench outfielders and Sheets can be stashed for when someone goes down.
  7. Why does this organization love Gavin Sheets so much? He is an archetypal example of a replacement player for AAA. What possible argument is there to force him onto the field, out of position, ahead of players that actually play those positions, just to get his 105 wRC+ bat into the lineup?
  8. Yoshinobu Yamamoto is most likely coming next, rumored this coming offseason. It’s a shame the Sox are “maxed out” because he looks every bit as good as Tanaka when he came over, possibly better. A little less size, but a wider arsenal and the same great command.
  9. He’s become surprisingly passable at third after looking horrendous in his rookie year (at first!), but I don’t think anyone thinks he can stick there long term. He’s a 1B/DH when he comes over here.
  10. I’m now seeing that Japan is going to start Shota Imanaga? Which is interesting. He throws like 91 but there’s something about his fastball that seems to make it exceptionally hard to square up.
  11. Wow. This and the US/Ven game were two of the best games I’ve seen in years.
  12. I do not understand how so many people don’t love this s%*#
  13. For anyone looking to watch without cable, I’ve found Sling Tv to be the best deal. The Blue package has FS1 and you get the first month for $20 and can cancel anytime.
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