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  1. At this point, going down to work on a significant swing change might be the best thing for him. HIs max EV is showing he still has pop, but that 9.8 average launch angle just isn't going to work. I've heard of some guys trying to commit to a pull-happy approach before two strikes, then getting more contact/spray focused with two; maybe that could sound appealing for him.
  2. The funniest thing, to me, is that no one in it is underperforming.
  3. Welcome, everyone, to this week's edition of "actually watch the White Sox" day, in which we see if Garrett Crochet can continue to spark some semblance of joy during the bottom of each inning. As for how to handle the tops of the innings, I recommend thinking to yourself how funny it would be if they actually manage to score a run. And if, by some stroke of unnatural luck, they DO score a run -- think of how much funnier it would be if they somehow manage to score ANOTHER run. Recontextualizing situations can lead to new and exciting feelings about them.
  4. In mid-April of the year 2024, Kevin Pillar is the White Sox cleanup hitter.
  5. It’s tough. I really just kind of can’t wait until literally every player/coach/staffer/person related to this era of the white Sox is gone. I don’t know who to blame for what, but there’s so much blame to go around there just isn’t a point to worrying about where it lands.
  6. Just completely joyless to watch this team. I keep getting my self to tune in every couple days and it's just a slap every time.
  7. This is absolute rock bottom for this franchise. How can anybody give a s%*# at this point.
  8. Yes, a hundred 58-pitch saves, giving him a higher workload than all the starters combined.
  9. Sox should legitimately do nothing but bunt, every AB for about three straight games, leading up to the next Crochet start. They'll be automatic losses, sure, but after that, you gotta figure the next opponent is going to just play infield in to start. And then they let it rip in the first inning! The opponent will catch on fast, but the Sox would then have a real chance to have something like TWO baserunners on at once for Robert and, I don't know, I guess Gavin Sheets or something -- which could technically create a lead which could then technically be defended for a win.
  10. But I bet Getz could get like 20+ DFA candidates from the Braves for him.
  11. Crochet is going to be really fun to watch this year, if you can manage to separate his performance from a need to see an actual win.
  12. Have they named a closer yet? Assuming Kopech has the inside track.
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