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  1. I'm really trying, but I just can't bring myself to care at all.
  2. And with that, I’ve used up my monthly allotment of interest in the White Sox. Switching to the NPB to watch the Eagles vs. Hawks. Thanks for joining.
  3. It no longer qualifies as a rescue, but Deivi Garcia is now pitching.
  4. “The Nationals are playing pepper with the outfield fence” - Jason Benetti
  5. And Jesse Scholtens completes the rescue! Loaded the bases but managed to get out of it unscathed as Dom Smith flies out to CF.
  6. Man, Wash is a bad team but they really did get some cool prospects to kick off the rebuild. I remembered CJ Abrams but I forgot they got Keibert Ruiz.
  7. Meneses with a single up the middle for the second batter of the rescue.
  8. That was the single most hittable pitch I’ve ever seen a Major Leaguer throw.
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