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  1. If he continues to pitch well why not keep him and extend his contract?
  2. Looks like Vaughn, Tim Anderson and Javy Baez have all lost it. Rumor has it that Anderson won't be with the Marlins too much longer.
  3. It sure has been quiet about the new White Sox stadium.
  4. This could get interesting. If Ramos is up and actually does a good job for the next 3 months, what happens when Moncada comes back after the All Star game? Moncadas option won't be picked up next season. I would think the team will trade him or maybe realease him. Depends on how well Ramos does.
  5. Ozzie was asked on a pre game show recently what he would do to change whats happening and he said he would bring up the best young players now from the minors. Lets hope Ramos does well if brought up.
  6. The Mayor of Chicago has said that the proposed Bears stadium is a public benefit. I hope he feels the same way about the proposed White Sox stadium.
  7. Great win!!!!. All they have to do is get hot now and win the next 18 games in a row.That will even up their record and then go on to bigger and better things.
  8. I find it odd that the Bears would put in over $2B into a stadium they would not own.
  9. Haven't heard anything about Hahn. I've wondered if somebody in MLB has hired him.
  10. 1) If Grifol does get fired I wonder who would replace him? don't know if Ozzie would be hired or if he would even want the job. My got reaction is he would take the job. He didn't like that DeJong didn't score from third base in the ninth inning. His post game comments weren't good. 2) Late last year on the post game show Frank Thomas said that Andrew Vaughn has an All Star swing and should be an All Star hitter. Seems like he has no clue at he plate. He has really hurt the team this year offensively. Both Vaughn and Benedenti have not produced .
  11. They traded Tatis Jr, Madrigal and Burger for nothing. This White Sox team would be alot better if those 3 were in the lineup.
  12. Every White Sox season is a good one as far as I'm concerned. Opening Day is my New Years Day and the last game of the season is my New Years Eve. Win or lose every season is a good one.
  13. Its bad enough that Burger and Madrigal were traded for nothing. Both of them are better than Moncada and Lopez. It seems like they have really screwed up at shortstop. Both of the present shortstops can't hit nor field very well. Wouldn't it been better to bring back Anderson? I realize they didn't want to pay Anderson $14 million dollars and the game plan is to have Montgomery at shortstop sometime this 2024 season. I'm hoping Montgomery is called up sooner rather than later.
  14. If I was the GM, Burger would not have been traded.
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