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  1. I guess he didn't mean it was inevitable when he said it was inevitable
  2. Herb is basically the equivalent of Shane Riordan, so I'm not sure I buy the rumor yet.
  3. Well, we found Hahn's Soxtalk account
  4. Nice man! My ban got lifted THAT exact day he got signed (at night). I think it was destiny. I celebrated as well. Cracked open a nice bottle of Port that I got in Portugal. Best tasting wine I've ever had. It tasted extra sweet that night.
  5. Beyond frustrating. And it wasn't that hard to predict that either.
  6. I see you missed Abreu's recent deal
  7. I do find it amusing that Footlong does a podcast with a kid who is graduating college in 2026. I'm assuming that means they're both 18 years old. Who the f*** is going to believe that some 18 year old has sources deep in the White Sox organization?
  8. They'll lose their sources if they do that.
  9. These assholes are really going to f*** up getting the 2nd pick, right?
  10. Going into a "competitive" season and banking on ReyLo being a starter seems like a disaster waiting to happen.
  11. Still owe 2 first rounders 😎 what a disaster these clowns have been.
  12. Has anybody else lost faith in AKME already? The parallels to Ryan Pace are uncanny.
  13. I'm sorry for any previous rude posts of mine. You're one of my favorite posters now!
  14. If I showed up to your house I would probably end up in a suitcase
  15. Who is this person and why do they have a blue checkmark? His Twitter is full of complete garbage.
  16. I thought this thread was about a personal Sox memorabilia garage sale that SS2K5 would be having at his residence.
  17. Wrong again. Jim Bowden had the Sox as a top suitor.
  18. You mean you didn't like his trade proposal of Cease, Vaughn and Madrigal for Conforto? For a guy that views himself as a baseball savant and bashes Hahn in basically every post, the Sox would be MUCH worse off if they made that idiotic trade proposal of his.
  19. His name is Ron. He's obviously an intelligent (and handsome) individual.
  20. AKME have been no better than Ryan Pace. What an absolute disaster these bums have been.
  21. Abreu will be 36 years old (at least) next season. He's getting absolutely paid. He will absolutely fall off by year 2 of it. That contract is horrible tbh.
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