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  1. I bet they package bad salary (Moncada, Benentendi) with Fedde and get little in return. 3 lottery tickets that they can claim are the next Tatis Jr.
  2. Greg I like anyone that doesnt s%*# on the southside. You and Lip need to meet up at the St Catherine smoker. AJ and Hawk were awesome there. Small room of hardcore sports fans.
  3. Why was Mendick even with the bag there. If hes deeper its an easy out. No reason to be in on Jeffers. Idiots Soroka sucks
  4. Why is he pulling guys early? Flexen Monday and now Thorpe......there is no reason to tank.
  5. I wonder if Kopech was doing his own thing and finally started to listen to folks. The pitching side of the docket sans the fellas that seat in the White Sox bullpen in this organization seems to be professionally run. Getz has some nice wins to hang his hat on....the minors have improved, organizational pitching is amazing, Fedde, Crochet...there is plenty of bad as well I know.
  6. Manfred ball really magnifies how fundamentally bad this team is at baseball.
  7. Should have him start. Maybe build something but god is he crumbles so easily.
  8. Kopech and Eloy cant leave soon enough. Im not a fan of Moncada but I detest the other two. Just horrible baseball players.
  9. Kopech is so mentally weak. Full count guy squares to bunt he crumbles like a 9 year old.
  10. I wonder what Eloy signs for as he is pretty much useless in every facet.
  11. All the momentum after T12 and we have to bunt
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