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  1. Seems like a good deal and the cubs wallet is open why not spend here.
  2. JR and Tony have been around long enough to have caught wind of this and the White Sox are dumb enough to try and modify how they are run. The fact this isn't going to blow up tells you how media works now a days.
  3. You are saying this like it's a big move. This is a nothing move, as was Bellinger. The Bellinger move was actually a terrible move if they think he will turn it around. On the radio this morning this was the big news. It was a a lesser move than Clevenger. They will sign Dansby Swanson and David Robertson and it will be like the White Sox often are, a paper offseason win with no real substance. Actually I didn't realize Swanson had that good of a season. If they get him that will be a big move.
  4. Spain missed four penalty kicks that was amazing.
  5. Which is ok if their history validated this point but it is failing model.
  6. Timing of his past free agent signings like that was a master move.
  7. Rick has a budget....seems like a decent enough budget, he just has no clue how to use it.
  8. Best part of Margalus article is Hahn using Derek Holland and Anthony Swarzek as examples of past free agent signings. The guy is clearly over his head.
  9. I got 4.2 - 3.0 -3.0 for Abreu career average 4.1 2.7-5.3-2.1 for Perez career average 4.2 Abreu is older but Perez has played a tougher position and may not age as well as Abreu seems to have. You move Perez to 1B/DH and he may out perform Abreu over the next 3 years. This coming year he splits time with Grandal at catcher and see how it goes. He could catch twice a week moving forward and the bat could be enough to carry as a DH. I don't want either but to think Abreu's deal is magically going to result in a 36-39 year player not dropping off, same as Perez is foolish. The Abreu deal looks good because it is Houston (maybe Cleveland maybe Boston) and they are the smartest team(s) in the room. Except the GM's that built Houston are gone and Jim Crane is now running things. I think that contract unfortunately looks bad very quickly.
  10. Is his contract any worse than Abreu's?
  11. After the game the substitutions were being questioned and the play of Wright specifically. I do not know a lot about soccer but that was very interesting. Need to be healthy. Nice starting time for Saturday.
  12. My guess is England parks the bus for the most part takes the point and moves on.
  13. Maybe to avoid whatever s%*# show was going on in that clubhouse. Thinking this way makes me feel better this winter than the thought of watching Sheets/Garcia play RF for a month. Colas psyche seems rather fragile so I'm not certain how it is going to go. With Tony at the helm there is no guarantee he would have played him last year. I'm trying to black out the last two years.
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