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  1. Shoudl have never have extended him. There were no signs to show he was worth that money. Although in his defense playing his whole career on teams that had a one point guard for a couple of months probably didn't help.
  2. Key for the remainder of this season is Fields and Braxton Jones to determine their fate and are the rookie D linemen for real.
  3. He'll still go number 1. Teams will look past that as they have no choice but to dream big. See Carolina, last spring. If the Bears get 1 and 5, I'd trade out of both if Fields is the answer. If you get a 6 and 12 and then another two firsts next year, you have a process in place. Clean out every coach and go get an experienced offensive mind at HC and an older DC that isn't going to leave.
  4. This whole thing goes to prove there was some sort of pissing contest in that front office. Why fire them when he did and then put Getz in there and go on some idiotic rant about competing next year and not wanting to give the next guy time learn the system. I'd have given him more credit if he just said, "I like Chris, I know he is inexperieinced but this thing is a mess and I trust he can build the organization we need." I handed the keys to Kenny and Rick and they drove it off a cliff. I really wonder if there was ever a conversation about spending on things Tampa does to keep the payroll low and win or if Rick and KW took the funding and wasted it on the Leury Garcia's of the world.
  5. Poles can play the I didn't hire this clown car coaching staff then he gets his hire. The Fields card ends after this year whichever way it goes. Hire an offensive head caoch that can work with FIelds and an experienced DC.
  6. This is churnign the 40 man which is what is needed. I like that Getz realizes they need organizational depth and this adds it. Will any of these guys pan out, who knows. We all know Bummer will be pitching next fall and dominate. This trade was Bummer for Soroka. The upside on Soroka is his major injury was not to his arm and Burger came back from it BUT its an ankle and pitching plays differently on that then 3B/DH. The Braves don't have the time for him to regain his ability.
  7. Everything blows for the White Sox as they are a major market team run like a small market team. Sometimes I wish the White Sox didn't win the world series so the owner would have nothing to hang his pathetic hat or legacy on. All the bullshit he pulled with former owners and presidents in his pocket is coming home to roost. Most notably cancelling the world series and getting Harold BAines into the Hall of Fame. Baines is a top three favorite player of mine.
  8. If it's cheap and there is booze and decent food I'll go.
  9. I liked Monaco when I heard him. If he's the hire, I like it actually.
  10. White Sox had an option and didn't pick it up so he was forced out.
  11. I said I felt he was 100% the problem now maybe just 90%. The offense running smootly in that the presnap activity does not seem as hectic and guys are moved about more simply to get a read. I also feel that the timing is better, less unnecessary timeouts and DOG calls on them. Bagent isn't the answer but if you are looking at production from an undrafted D2 rookie playing for a coach that you say is abysmal, I'd say he may actaully be succeeding to a degree. He looks to be a nice back up.
  12. Benetti was a White Sox fan......continue to see just how poorly run that organization is. This does nothing in reality but it's another opportunity for the White Sox to show they are not serious. The optics of this are terrible as it was always a feel good story.
  13. That's the stuff that is evident with Bagent v Fields but the Chicago media refuse to address. It has to be the coaching that can't game plan for his skill set. The offense seems to run smoother with Bagent. He's not the answer but it does make me rethink Getsy a little and I thought Getsy was 100% the problem.
  14. I thought they still had a decent amount of cash avaialbe this year. Get a good chunck of the deal on this year's balance sheet.
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