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  1. Zero offense and shitty bullpen maybe Tony wasn't the issue.
  2. Romy over Eloy is the best thing about that. A tough leftie is exactly when you want to sit Colas.
  3. Are you going to name him 7 😁...oddly enough that's Seinfeld Mickey Mantle reference but is relevant to the current White Sox I just want to not be angry every day when it comes to the White Sox
  4. I love that his mom was happy and then states something along the line of you better work hard to stay there. Keep the man grounded.
  5. Leury became one of those guys that LaRussa inexplicably fell in love with. Before senility came into question, it used to work itself out.
  6. Hawk was an egomaniac and narcissist. How could a person come back to work for a team after destroying an organization. In the early 80's the depth of baseball knowledge in that organization was absolutely insane. Hawk blew that up and yet JR hired him back. That being said he was a great announcer up until the final few years. I was at a fundraiser where he was last year and he did not seem very healthy or coherent. He was not broadcasting at the end like Vin Scully and his time had come. My guess is he was pushed out by Brooks. JR and Hawk seemed to be pals from way back and now Hawk is pinning his ending on Brooks and it's warping his view of the organization. Hawk and AJ are very tight. If Hawk's beliefs were grounded in rationale thoughts, I am not certain AJ would still as involved with the White Sox. Pretty sure AJ replaces Stone when the time comes. When it comes to the White Sox and JR and KW, there seems to be void at the top similar to the Bears until recently.
  7. This could all be well and good and actually come true but if you were having a legitimate conversation about which staff is better right now, to go into the season with it is the White Sox and it's not a debate. I am not certain any cub pitcher is better than any of the Sox five starters. Could they be by the end of season sure. Stroman And Tallion don't make the Sox current rotation. Tallion may over Clevenger.
  8. Yes. Elvis was signed when we were hearing how awesome Romy was.
  9. Madrigal at 3B is going to be something. The SCORE was great to listen to this morning when they were talking about the cub rotation. I believe the segment was produced by Fathom and Jack Parkman. While it may corm true this year, it is not as of now even a debate. The White Sox have 5 legitimate starters. Neither club has any depth.
  10. This was the mantra under Cooper. If he has three good pitches that he can locate he can be Giolito. Did everyone think he was going to be throwing 100 as a starter. Over time maybe he will find it when he needs it, who knows. He's the #5 starter at this point.
  11. Would love to get his take on LaRussa too bad he wasn't here last year.
  12. Madrigal and Burger are going to be the right side of a tanking teams infield for the next six years.
  13. Cleveland's biggest issue this year will be the fact that they cannot feast on the poor AL central. They seemed to struggle out of the division while the Sox inside the division. Similar to Minnesota. I have zero stats to back this up.
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