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  1. After the game the substitutions were being questioned and the play of Wright specifically. I do not know a lot about soccer but that was very interesting. Need to be healthy. Nice starting time for Saturday.
  2. My guess is England parks the bus for the most part takes the point and moves on.
  3. Maybe to avoid whatever s%*# show was going on in that clubhouse. Thinking this way makes me feel better this winter than the thought of watching Sheets/Garcia play RF for a month. Colas psyche seems rather fragile so I'm not certain how it is going to go. With Tony at the helm there is no guarantee he would have played him last year. I'm trying to black out the last two years.
  4. Why isn't the assumption that Colas is the starting RF from day 1? He got the rust off last year from sitting out. He is too old to be held back for service time purposes. That leaves another LH OF bat and maybe 2B. A defensive LF preferably LHH is about all they are looking for now. I would love Cueto but I think they go with AAA swing starter similar to Velazquez and some AAAA outfielders that can defend / add speed.
  5. I still think there was a handshake deal to not offer the QO the year before when he signed for a low amount. It may nto have been written in the contract. That is the only reason I would see for not giving the QO...but it also helps to make Hahn not look like a complete fool.
  6. No they do not but carry on with your pissing and moaning
  7. I wish they didn't let him go. I think the lineup will be better without him. He is not worth 3/$60M At 36 years old I think he is a better hitter but I am not certain he will be a better power hitter. If he does not reclaim his power that contract will be rough. If age catches up with him it will be a bad deal.
  8. Shelly Duncan was hired to lead some sort of analytical something or another.......the most puzzling thing about LaRussa to me was he was one of the first to embrace analytics in the 80s.
  9. I'm in the camp that it does not matter who is signed or traded for, internal improvement of those being paid to produce is the only thing that can save next season. If Robert, Anderson, Eloy, Grandal and Moncada do not improve as a whole everything is irrelevant. I also believe that LaRussa had some stupid regulations on bullpen management that are hopefully done and we can see improvement there. Starting pitching just needs health....I know easier said than done. These are the moves that will be made and they are fine. Need 2 LH outfielders and/or a LH 2B.
  10. Seeing as this was a rather quick and quiet (still don't know the money) signing leads me to believe that he was a target and willing target as it came together quickly. I kind of find the clubhouse stuff a little odd on this board if his major flaw was that he did not follow COVID protocol. Of all of things to concern yourself with that being one is lower on my list behind guys that can't focus because of Instagram and players you know......actually not really trying that hard.
  11. Turkey sucks but I smoked one and cooked one in a convection oven. When the plastic thing popped I took them off. Left covered for an hour then carved. Both we delicious. One was done an hour sooner than I thought and the other 20 minutes but all went well. Sides are pretty easy as well. Nice feast for 18.
  12. Well my World Cup excitement lasted about as long as the Qatar fans did.
  13. Trying that kick was idiotic. If someone told me the Bears threw that game, I would believe it.
  14. He is never healthy. At some you can't keep telling yourself guys will stay healthy. Before Eloy lost huge parts of 2021 and 2022 he missed the playoffs in 2020. You are either injury prone or you ae not and the White Sox are full of injury prone guys. Other than Robert these become issues at the MLB level. Robert has always been hurt.
  15. Anything not from 76-90 is interchangeably good. The current road grays are good as well.
  16. The White Sox are nothing like the Rays, A's or Indians in any aspect good or bad. Going to be along winter on Soxtalk
  17. So if he was benched he would get $11M not $13M next year so the White Sox potentially cost themselves $2M by playing him on a regular basis and not bringing up Coals and sitting Pollock down 4 days a week. Then he opts out and saves the White Sox $6M-$8M. That was what I was saying.
  18. I wonder if this was a handshake agreement and why they played him throughout the end of the season. If he was benched or released the last month of the season for Engel wouldn't he have lost a few million?
  19. I think people are reading too much into this distain for the clubhouse. If he wants to play he is worth $8M and someone will give it to him...if he doesn't he gets $5M. Wonder if there was any cash considerations for the buyout from the Dodgers.
  20. With the way pitching is been managed now a days he has fallen into a spot as stare earlier, couple innings every couple of days. This wasn't the White Sox plan but he and Kopech may both end up in those roles....I'm still not sold on Kopech being a 160+ inning guy
  21. 6 Saturday I think BR is good but MC is really deep.
  22. The inexperience isn't an excuse anymore but I think MC is too much for them at their placement.
  23. The White Sox not saying anything about it is odd to me. If there was a serious issue I think Hahn steps up and says something.
  24. So Tony and this team offensively really did nothing to prepare to play the game.
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