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  1. Nearly 9 strikeouts per 9 IP, 2.4 walks per 9 IP, 1.06 WHIP all look good to me. 2.3 bWAR, 0.9 fWAR also nice ~25% of the way into the season.
  2. We don’t talk about the Graveman trade enough. Absolute highway robbery on that one.
  3. This might apply more to Kopech than Fedde but Jorge López is a classic case of a late stage breakout. Basically had a worse track record than Fedde prior to 2022. Pitched a good first half as a closer and returned Yennier Cano, Cade Povich, and the Orioles current #26 prospect at the trade deadline that year. Not bad for a guy with no track record!
  4. Fedde has the 17th lowest ERA of qualified starting pitchers in MLB right now. And looking at the list of guys ahead of him, only Blanco is likely to be available at the trade deadline (Blanco was just busted for cheating so what’s his actual worth now).
  5. Aaron Civale returned a top 100 mlb prospect at last year’s deadline so no I don’t think we’re too high on Fedde if he keeps this up for another 8-10 starts…
  6. I’ve got Quero and Ramos ahead of both so yea back half of our top 10 is an accurate description. Time will tell on the value of Kopech and Fedde but Kopech will be a top 5 reliever available and Fedde will be a top 10 starter available and both of those tend to have a lot of value at the trade deadline.
  7. Fedde + Kopech for Norby + Beavers + flier seems like a fair deal. Would add some depth to the back end of the Sox top 10 prospects.
  8. I’d take the over on 40 for sure. I’d set the line at 52.5 wins.
  9. Haha. This is true but baby steps. We finally got Vaughn and Eloy out of the OF for good. Sheets is the final straw.
  10. Whoever the other team that was bidding against the Sox for Fedde’s services must be really pissed off they didn’t up their offer by a few million.
  11. For a guy with 120 innings to his name? No it’s not.
  12. 9 figures? No way. For all the reasons you mentioned, an extension would be something like 2-3 years at ~$15M AAV.
  13. It’s not a question of what one wants but simply put the reality is the Sox have a better shot of extending Crochet than Robert for a number of reasons.
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