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  1. With Runyon about to lose his starting job, packers will be starting three offensive lineman from the 2022 draft taken in the 3rd, 4th, and 7th rounds…
  2. And yet their top two running backs are averaging 3.5 and 3.7 YPC. That’s gotta be the lowest in the league for a team’s top two backs. So do they just suck at run blocking and are elite at pass blocking? The packers run game is pretty non-existent outside of Love scrambles.
  3. I’m not saying they will trade him, I’m posing a hypothetical if they did.
  4. I understand depth may be a concern but how many other teams have 7 mlb top 100 prospects in their system? Which I assume the Sox would have after trading Cease and Robert.
  5. If they trade Cease and Robert for prospects that easily puts the Sox farm system as the top in MLB correct? Plus another top 5 pick coming next draft.
  6. Since the start of 2021 (Fields’ rookie year), the Bears are 7-6 in games started by a QB other than Fields and 6-25 in games started by Fields
  7. The biggest common theme is shitty ownership. Until that changes, not much else changes on the field.
  8. From an organizational standpoint, the Bears and White Sox have a lot in common.
  9. Which is exactly why I said the one-sidedness of this rivalry in recent years goes far beyond just the QB position…
  10. I think yesterday’s beatdown was so hurtful for a lot of bears fans because it destroyed the narrative that the only reason the packers beat up the bears in recent years was due to the QB position. They were expecting a big shift in power as soon as rodgers was gone. It goes far beyond that imo.
  11. I was mocked last year when I said the Lions would be the team to beat in the North this season and for the foreseeable future. Everyone laughed at the idea of a Goff led team being a true contender (despite the fact he’s already done it before). Who’s laughing now?
  12. 2.41 ERA vs (terrible hitting) AL Central teams, 5.05 ERA against everyone else this season. He’s the same #5 starter that he was last year. Not sure what an innings eater #5 starter is worth on the open market these days but someone will surely overpay. A miracle the Sox even got a top 100 MLB prospect for him.
  13. I’m in the middle. I like Burger and having a cheap power bat like that is nice but the Sox also need starting pitching depth so I get it. I just would have preferred sending a “big” name like Eloy instead. Frees up more payroll and Burger has more flexibility defensively. The tweet about Hahn not wanting to let go of his prized possessions was spot on (best draft pick - TA, best trade - Cease/Eloy, best free agent signing - Robert).
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