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  1. No, you don’t get it because you all still think Goff is a bum and the lions suck. Wake up. The Lions are coming.
  2. When I look at this Lions team, I see a team going into the 2023 season that’s comparable to the 2017 LA Rams. On the verge of really breaking out. I always hear people say Campbell is a bad coach too. I just watched a head coach call one of the best and gutsiest games ever. That was something to watch.
  3. Lions are a big problem for the NFCN moving forward. You guys can hate on Goff all you want but that team is about to get scary. 8-2 to finish the season, super young, and a ton of draft picks next draft. They’re a problem.
  4. He’s 28 and a top 12 QB in the league. They should be talking about extending him, not picking his successor.
  5. Goff isn’t old. He’s 28 and in the prime of his career. Don’t see why they’d draft a QB high in the first round in 2023.
  6. Lions have Goff under contract thru 2024. Don’t see why they’d be in play for a QB this draft.
  7. I think Roquan will get paid more (is he better? That’s debatable I guess). I also think Washington will resign Payne.
  8. And they’ve gone away from this of late. I guess they can sign the top defensive free agent this offseason - Roquan Smith. It’ll cost ~$20M per but they have the cap space. However, they need a lot more than that as we saw earlier this season before Roquan was traded.
  9. You just said that drafting a QB in 2024 means the Bears aren’t competing for a playoff spot until at least 2025. I gave you two recent examples of situations in which second year QBs did a hell of a lot more than just competed for the playoffs in their second year in the league (Hurts, Lawrence, Lamar are other examples, it’s not unusual at all if done right). Then you say “things can turn around quickly in the NFL.” The Bears aren’t making the playoffs until at least 2024 with Fields. So you’re so impatient and shortsighted that you’re unwilling to wait one more year to build an even better team in a scenario where the Bears trade Fields for a couple high draft picks? You just mentioned in the post above they need volume, this we agree on.
  10. Joe Burrow went to the Super Bowl in his second season. Patrick Mahomes went to the AFC title game in his second season and won the Super Bowl the season after. If you actually build a strong roster before drafting the QB, there’s no reason why the QB can’t succeed and Bears can’t contend for a title by 2025. They aren’t going anywhere in 2023, “maybe” they’re competitive in 2024 so they’re effectively punting to 2025 already.
  11. And here’s the thing. Even if the Bears traded fields and tanked in 2023 and yet somehow don’t get the top pick, Drake Maye is one hell of a consolation prize after Williams if they want to go QB in 2024. I’d take him over any of the QBs in the 2023 draft. Then of course there’s Brock Bowers and Marvin Harrison Jr. Yea, there’s no question you want a top 2 or 3 pick in the 2024 draft if you’re the Bears.
  12. The Packers? Don’t see it. The Broncos? Perhaps but they’re committed to Wilson. The Raiders? Maybe but they’re still a 6 win team this season with poor QB play and will be in play for a veteran QB this offseason. The odds of Williams suffering a major injury are less than Fields btw. Of course anything can happen but odds favor Williams staying healthy in 2023 over Fields.
  13. Start Nathan Peterman or similar anll season and you’re a lock for the top pick in 2024. What team would be worse?
  14. Only winning a couple games is a recipe for the first overall pick.
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