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  1. Agreed. This strategy is coming from TLR and JR negotiating school. Work for the best deal and when you get it strike.
  2. The Cardinals step up spend Gray 25 mil, Gibson 12 mil and Lynn 10 mil to rebuild their staff and we look to trade cease. Frustrating! I don't dislike DeJong but it not very exciting
  3. Absolutely stunned by the size of this contract. Not sure who Getz can sign in this market. That is why JR is pushing trades.
  4. Bummer will be a 2024 NL All Star
  5. My guess is Thompson gets added.
  6. DeJong is an alum of Antioch High School. Go Sequoits!! Never realized that TA was THAT bad.
  7. Does Free Agency start today? Interesting point if Anderson asked for his freedom with potentially an offer to come back.
  8. No chance of JR signing her. Getz has hired his own team and was promised to be the decision maker. This is all speculation. No chance she comes to CWS.
  9. Zavala was hopeless, had a couple of offensive stretches but it was time for him to move on. Glad Getz recognized this.
  10. Terrible job by Getz. First, he read a generic statement. Second, his tie is crooked. No substance to any answer.
  11. No potential playoff team will take the PR hit right now that picking him up would cause.
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