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  1. That 62 win team was that good though....
  2. Sorry I have a highly fueled drug addiction and i tend to lash out at the ones i love the most. Sorry to make you a victim of my crippling depression.
  3. Its not the first backhand hes thrown out. We good 🐸 ☕️
  4. Hey brother you wanna meet up in person and hash it out? Dont know how I hurt you? These little jabs are annoying . dont know if your balls are still shriveled up from the -25 weather or your lack of a back bone hides you behind your computer. Wasnt your fault your father left, your ma was just too busy free lancing
  5. This is taking way to long, Maybe hes in denial about the yankees. At this point whichever fanbase doesnt sign him will turn on manny.
  6. https://twitter.com/medwardcanter/status/1091662270927724544?s=21 Heres the thead. Guy in brewers FO sharing this?
  7. that charles the cat account is entirely bias and never checks in with facts, easily the worst in cubs twitter
  8. Hes saying your wifes been sleeping with your bestfriend the last couple of years
  9. But for real. Can i contribute without the shit please?
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